Coming to Xbox Game Pass: LEGO Star Wars, High on Life, Hello Neighbor 2, and More

"We have games available for you to play today, games “coming soon” (fake but should be real trademark here), and even something you can play now that maybe you didn’t know we slipped in last week! Let’s get to the games."

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darthv72540d ago

High on Life and Hello Neighbor 2 are what Im looking to play.

Vits540d ago

I wouldn't sleep on Eastward either. It's a great and beautiful pixel-art RPG.

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-Mika-540d ago

Another amazing month for Gamepass. Rumors are also saying that Monster Hunter Rise is also coming to gamepass In January.

Crows90540d ago

Skywalker saga and high on life are the 2 on my radar I guess. Was hoping for skywalker saga on ps extra...probably not happening now but its the couch console I use vs the laptop for gamepass.

darthv72540d ago

why not hook the laptop up to the tv for that couch console experience?

Crows90540d ago

Actually...yeah that would work. Never thought of doing that with a laptop...don't know why. Definitely done it with a desktop.

onisama539d ago

you wont get the same experience somehow the quality is lower and their is a little delay i got a 2060 rtx laptop but i would recommend buying a big monitor instead

roadkillers540d ago

Opinion on Gamepass Cloud in general… please allow us to play local co-op on Xcloud Microsoft. I know we can download, but this would be perfect to implement the update.

thesoftware730540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

That is a lineup to look forward to.

A good mix of old and new.

HoL and Lego SW here I come.

monkey602540d ago

Sweet! I didnt know eastward was coming other platforms! I'll happily take that High on Life and Lego Star Wars