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Zoey Handley: "While Front Mission 1st didn’t set my world on fire, and I found it lacking in a lot of areas, I did enjoy it. It’s not the best tactical strategy game to come out this year, but it’s welcome nonetheless. It’s also a great and loving remaster of the Super Famicom title, and while there are places I wish it was tightened up, I’m overall happy about it. It leaves me excited to play the next two remasters as they work their way to release."

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shinoff218369d ago

How is this only on the switch. What a shame really.

Neonridr68d ago

because they negotiated an exclusivity period

CrimsonWing6969d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I hope a lot of people support this game. It's honestly one of my favorite series and I want Square to keep it a turn-based strategy RPG series and for us to get more, or at the very least give up an english Remastered release of Front Mission 5.

If that was the last game we get from the series I could die happy.

I'm happy we'll get 2 and 3 though. I never played 2, but 3 was my first introduction to this series and it was soooo good.

Also, if it says Remake in the title, why does the editorl call this a Remaster?

shinoff218368d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Id gladly buy it if it was available on playstation. I wonder why square is not releasing some of these games on ps4 or ps5, not all of us only care about fps and action games. I hate my switch, not the switch itself it has dope ass games, but im extremely salty over these cheap joycons. I have 4 different pair and about 4 joy cons have that drift. Those things are not cheap, and I refuse to buy anymore. Also have a few of those regular controllers(corded) with the nintendo mascots on them. My yoshi and mario one the joystick on the left is just broke. Its annoying.

Neonridr68d ago

didn't Nintendo say they would fix them for free moving forwards?

I have 4 sets myself (2 OG) and the Skyward Sword and OLED white ones. None have drift. I'm lucky I guess.

shinoff218368d ago


Is that still happening? I thought I missed that bus

If it's still going on it may change my opinion about the switch a little

CrimsonWing6968d ago

I have a feeling eventually these will come to Playstation, PC, and/or Xbox.

With Persona 3, 4, and 5 coming to PS5 and Xbox anything's possible.