When do video games become too long?

Players have become frustrated by the increasing length of modern games. When do video games feel like they are too long?

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H961d ago

When there's filler in the main story

locomorales60d ago

When I stopped being a spoiled teenager with time and some money.

Taero61d ago

When you get made to wait until the main story can continue, if the only way you can get me to engage with side stories and missions is by forcibly pausing the main story then I count that as a mark against.

FreeckyCake61d ago

Anything that forces you to grind hours and hours for XP is ultimately a long game. Looking at you Dragon Quest franchise.

shinoff218360d ago

Dragon quest 11 is one of the best games Ive played in the last 15 years or so jrpg wise. Theres nothing wrong with a games length. Maybe it just isnt for you.

andy8560d ago

DQ games normally have a pretty short way to level up quick (metal slime family) but for the main story you generally don't have to even do that. That's just optional boss and sidequest stuff

shinoff218360d ago

I prefer my games longer to be honest. I play them but when a game is 8 to 10 hours I feel I want more. Simple solution if a games to long dont play it. Dont try to change the way things are because some of us prefer longer games. O know im not alone. Problem I see is people dont have an attention span these days and need instant gratification. If they cant beat it in a day or two they stop playing. I see it all the time. News flash You dont have to beat a game in 2 days, hell dq11 definitive edition took me 200 hours before I went and finished it. Took me a few months and when I beat it I was extremely satisfied. I play all types of games besides racing and music games. Just let devs do wtf they want and stop trying to sway them.

Silly Mammo60d ago

When they have Assassins Creed placed in the title.

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The story is too old to be commented.