The Word 'Masterpiece' Has Lost All Meaning In Modern Gaming

The Gamer:

We are obsessed with replicating film and patting ourselves on the back, praising predictable ideas and throwing aside innovation in fear of potential change. This is where the definition of a masterpiece becomes so warped, filled with the same selection of games that penetrate the mainstream again and again because that’s what we’ve come to settle for.

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masterfox70d ago

atm imo only Playstation Exclusives can actually receive such honor in calling them Masterpieces(PS games are really damn Stunning!), not sure all of them but most of them that's for sure, also why they put Requiem in the article title pic?, that game is an unoptimized mess, and boring looking game too, it seems some website is looking for attention, well I ain't clicking your nonsense website boi! :D

Software_Lover70d ago

Huh? Have you even played Requiem?

Rimeskeem69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Requiem was good but I don't think it was a masterpiece. A lot of the aspects of the game clashed a bit for me. I wanted to listen to the soundtrack and explore more but there was so much dialogue and the exploration was rather pointless.

The biggest difference between Requiem and games like God of War and Elden Ring is the presentation of the game imo. Everything about God of War and Elden Ring felt polished and the experience was exactly what it was supposed to be. Requiem felt like it had the ingredients to make a masterpiece but failed to mix the ideas as well as the other games.

Father__Merrin70d ago

Requiem is a dog mess of a game artiscally it's nice but the way the title is made it's wasting resources. Ie you have huge huge draw distances which are total overkill akin to Arma reforger it's just running well

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frostypants70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

The problem is a lot of games these days rely too heavily on narrative, and it gets to the point that narratives that would be b-grade schlock in film or television get called masterpieces only because relative to other game narratives, they're well done. Meanwhile, actual gameplay often suffers, or at least isn't all that innovative...but people are blind to it because narrative narrative narrative. "This game has mature themes and therefore is IMPORTANT!"...never mind how cringe and meatheaded it actually is. It's lazy thinking and it lets hackish devs off the hook, with critics falling all over themselves to heap praise on them because even the critics forgot the "game" in "video game". Too many game developers want to be film writers/producers...they'r e just not good enough to be successful in that industry.

This doesn't mean all such games lack great gameplay. See: the Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West. Sure they were narrative-heavy...but the gameplay is amazing and like nothing else.

gangsta_red70d ago

Absolutely agree, tropes and cliches that would have anyone roll their eyes to the back of their heads in movies are now deep and profound when they're in video games.

I found in a few games that the gameplay is dragged out longer than it should be in order to pad out a story with over dramatic scenes, unnecessary dialogue and other wanna be narratives found in movies.

Crows9069d ago

Absolutely false. This is why there is a divide in the tlou2 story. If it was as you say then everyone would agree regarding the story in that game. But just like in movies you may like one that someone else doesn't, some people hated the story and others loved it.

If the narrative isn't good then it wouldn't be enjoyed. Ryse son of Rome had the typical gladiator story...and that story was good regardless of if it was told before. Tropes and cliches are not bad....they're in the best movies out there.

babadivad69d ago

I bought Forbidden West at launch and still haven't touched it yet.

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isarai70d ago

What's with all these articles trying to downplay and guilt trip everything regarding Playstation 1st party games lately?

SeTTriP70d ago

The same reason why ps exclusives that should be scored higher are not (horizon forbidden west is the lastest) because they charn out to many hits while the competition is lacking .
If the media tell the objective truth then m$ would be in a pr nightmare 24/7 it's a way to keep the competition in play even though m$ isn't even in the same league as ps.

goldwyncq70d ago

The main image is Plague Tale and you're crying about PS exclusives getting called out here?

isarai70d ago

And what are the other two? 🤔

Ra3v3r70d ago

Did you read the article cos there's a lot more mentioned than just PS 1st party? It's unfortunate that it's mainly some parts of the PS community that do over use it but I see it everywhere right now and the word is losing all meaning.

shinoff218370d ago

Not quite. I think it has gotten hyped up because it's slim pickings to be honest. Yes I know what your thinking im definitely more into ps. I do play on Xbox one and have gamepass. I've owned every Xbox since the og and in fact I owned the og Xbox before I had a ps2. Truth is pentiment just isn't that good and from obsidian(which I've liked about all their games) I expected better.

I also go by the same name across ps Xbox and nintendo

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Rocosaurus69d ago

It is seriously a fantastic game. One that subverts expectations. A 2d game set in 16th century Bavaria about the daily struggles of German monks snd peasents sounds boring as shit. But it is not, and i couldn't put it down after the first hour. I have also probably never felt as much as fuckup in a game as towards the end of chapter 2.

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Kekewei70d ago

The story is great, I agree. but other than that, it's just a plain point & click game, the puzzles are even a little boring...

shinoff218370d ago


I think more of the issue I had was it being called a masterpiece and I swear every review I seen most coming from Xbox type sites giving it a 10 or 9 out of 10. I just don't see it. I van respect opinions to a point but I still feel about it being hyped up due to slim pickings. I can't ever remember a point and click game getting 10s and the master piece label.

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Crows9069d ago

For you. User score is where you can see if it's actually a masterpiece. Not sure what the score is.

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jambola70d ago

thegamer trying to make commentary on quality

SullysCigar70d ago

Next up: Tweaktown.con "how to avoid clickbaiting"

Then: Screenrant "how to form a well-respected opinion"

Honestly, these 3 sites are quickly flushing N4G quality levels down the toilet.

lellkay69d ago

they called their page "the gamer" looool

goldwyncq70d ago

"Try not to let glowing reviews and overblown marketing campaigns dictate your feelings towards a game and how much it means to you, but make that determination yourself and don’t be afraid to fall outside the box or make observations that actively protest the status quo."

The author says while trying to arbitrarily define what a Masterpiece should be like just earlier in the very same article.

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