Blend Games' Top 5 Games Of 2008

"Well, the year 2008 is finally at an end and though there were disappointments, many games lived up to the hype. The decision to make a Top 5 Games list instead of a Top 10 list was rooted in the fact that there were so many great games that it was tough for the staff to develop a consensus past the first five. Plus, the longer the list, the more you start to get all political with it and say crap like, "Boy, we need another game from x console in there." So here they are, our top five games of the year. Read 'em and bitch."

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krouse933576d ago

Sh!t Site has no reason to have an opinion someone go SQL hack them please!

EvilCackle3576d ago

Boohoo. LBP didn't make the list. Get over it.