Nomura: No Plans To Modernise Before Crisis Due To 'Lack of Demand'

With Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion just around the corner, questions have started to be asked about whether Square Enix will be taking a similar approach to both Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis.

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Vits68d ago

I mean Before Crisis never left japan and was a phone game. A western "release" only happened a couple of years ago when a group of fans translated and remake the thing in RPG maker. While Dirge of Cerberus definitely has its fans but is at the very least a flawed third-person shooter.

It would be interesting seeing those games being remade and personally I'm much more into remakes of bad/mediocre games. But the chances of us seeing those are super slim.

GoodGuy0968d ago

Don't need it. Same could be said about dirge. Although I'd like to see a western company experienced in shooters do a remake of dirge. If a well done shooter, it could be pretty cool. Well that and dirge takes place after the compilation so we'd have to wait til the end of the remake games to know if it could exist.