Polyphony Digital is "Considering" Releasing Gran Turismo on PC

GTPlanet is here in Monaco for the Gran Turismo World Finals and Gran Turismo’s 25th Anniversary event, and we had the chance to sit down with GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

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darthv7272d ago

More sales and broader fanbase is never a bad thing. The sheer amount of PC wheel setups would be insane if Sony added support for them.

DarXyde72d ago

More competition in that space though.

If they do, I suspect mods won't be allowed either. That would be a shame because they can add car damage.

RaidenBlack72d ago

Digital Foundry : " GT7 was in the Nvidia Leak (Jensen's Prophecy)
Of course it is coming to PC - I bet with Ray Traced Reflections in gameplay too! "

SullysCigar72d ago

Exactly. I expect the reason their not fully decided is because it still has great sale potential for PlayStation now PS5 is becoming more available.

Once they feel they've sold to expectations on PlayStation, I see no reason why this iteration shouldn't come to PC.

zeuanimals72d ago

That's pretty much what they did with the rest of the games on PC.

Neonridr72d ago

most wheel setups support both PC and consoles though. I use my T300RS on my PC, but I know it works for both my PS4 and PS5.

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z2g72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Hmm I dunno. I play it on ps5, but on pc there are a lot of racing games and a lot of high caliber racing sims on top of it - like real ones without all of the game-ification that gran turismo does. Things like iRacing etc. and you can also get more causal ones like forza horizon too… feels like a pretty crowded space for it…. Who knows though. For me gt7 is the best racing game on ps5, but a lot of that is also due to a lack of options. It’s a big fish in a small pond. PC is the opposite here and racing is a genre where PC excels.

porkChop72d ago

GT would do well on PC. It's not hyper realistic like some PC sims are, but it's sim-like with more gamey-ness. There isn't any direct competitor on PC.

ApocalypseShadow72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Placing their flagship on the PC basically would send the signal that everything is up for porting. And if that's true, then they are treading dangerous waters. They are then telling gamers that getting a PlayStation is unnecessary as you can just wait for the games to come to you in 6 months or a year. Possibly in better resolution and frame rate with what newer graphics cards would do for the game.

They also would open themselves up to PC cheaters who love to sift through game code looking to mod, hack or cheat. Also opening themselves to piracy as some would just download the game.

It looks on the surface that expanding to PC would gain them more revenue. More fans. But that double edge sword may come back to haunt them if they aren't careful. But the immediate fear they should have is the loss of console sales. Even making their games online connected would only cause some backlash as then they would be doing what Microsoft was going to do last gen initially.

I know they want to make more money. Offset possible losses from publishers being bought up. But Sony better be careful. What's next? A Sony made PC graphics card?

CrimsonWing6972d ago

Ummm I’m pretty sure that’s Jimbo’s plan. You’re going to see more and more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC and in less time. I’d even expect it to be a norm in the future for PS releases. It does make you wonder why we’d invest in consoles when you can choose a platform where the games are cheaper and has pickings that are exclusive to PC, Xbox, and even some Switch exclusives.

gangsta_red72d ago

I don't know where you have been but that's exactly Sony's plan. To port their games to PC a year after they're released.

MadLad72d ago

They literally acquired a company that specializes in making PC ports.

What do you think their future plans look like. Let's just be real here; everything is going to end up on PC soon. Smaller windows as well.

I've been calling a six month exclusivity window pretty soon for a while now.

EvertonFC72d ago

You miss the whole point why gamers buy consoles, I paid £350 for my PS5 not £1500.

CantThinkOfAUsername72d ago

Naughty Dog themselves said they're going to make PS5 games with PC in mind for future port. PS exclusives coming to PC is a matter of time.

Sony finally realised what Microsoft did years ago—the majority of people choose a platform and stick to it no matter how tempting the exclusives look. They'd lose what 1-5M consoles that get bought to play a game or two then collect dust. Software sales is where the money at.

PS fans will buy PS consoles, Xbox fans will buy Xbox consoles, and PC gamers will stick to PC. If your concern is PS consoles being irrelevant because of PC ports, don't worry, with ridiculous graphics cards prices and terrible budget cards consoles aren't going anywhere.

Orchard72d ago

"Placing their flagship on the PC basically would send the signal that everything is up for porting"

Their flagships are already on PC. See Horizon, God of War, Uncharted, TLOU etc. To call GT the only flagship entry is diminishing the other flagship franchises.

And yes, everything is up for porting - Sony themselves have said this.

MightyHealthy72d ago

It would be negligible.
The majority of console players use consoles bc they like the simplicity of it, and cost saving measures.
Sony could release every first party game day 1 on pc, it wouldn't matter

anubusgold72d ago

@ApocalypseShadow Ok boomer

fr0sty72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

They're telling gamers that getting a PS5 is necessary if they don't want to drop $800-1200 on a system powerful enough to run it (slightly) better than a PS5 would (and it would still lack the HDD speed, 3D audio, and haptic feedback).

MadLad72d ago (Edited 72d ago )


Did you also factor in the hundreds of dollars you'll surely pay over the generation just to be allowed to play online? Any of the paid upgrade paths that you may have needed? Also, does your PlayStation do everything that's possible on a PC?
Are there multiple storefronts competitively fighting for your money; therefore you always know there's great deals going on?
Do you have access to mods for virtually any game; ensuring many games can be timeless, and actually improved over time, instead of just buying it again as a remaster or remake at a premium?

I built an $1100 PC a few years before the PS4/XBone era. It only got outclassed once the Xbox One X came out. Then it was just a few hundred bucks to upgrade and run circles around it.

Now we're in the PS5/Series generation, I upgraded to a 3080, and got most of that paid just by selling the card I had. Still continuing to run circles around consoles.

Not sure why you think PC gaming is so expensive, and console gaming is so cheap. It's a one time pricey entry cost, and then the cost of switching out a part here and there when you feel it's needed.

Consoles, themselves, are only as cheap as they are because they subsidize it with everything else they build around it.

Clonetrooper113972d ago

SONY HAS already said they intend to bring more of their games to PC. It is inevitable. Spiderman, Miles Morales, Zero Dawn, Uncharted, God of War, Days Gone, all came to PC.
Returnal will most likely see a PC release. TLOU is also probably on the horizon. I do not seeing it harming Sony. PS players will play on that platform, PC centric players will play on PC. Often gamers buy on both.

--Onilink--71d ago

I think you are severely overestimating the amount of people who already game on PC that would still purchase a console just because of a few exclusives.
And also underestimating how much of the console market exists because of the simplicity of a dedicated gaming console (at a cheaper price) vs a PC

Is there some overlap and a few people who would not buy a PS5 because they already have a PC and could play the previously exclusives there? Sure, but I have little doubt the impact to the PS5 sales would be absolutely irrelevant (+ the added revenue for Sony for those game sales on PC)

People need to stop thinking that the bubbles of forums/comment sections of dedicated gaming sites actually extend to the majority of the install base of a console. If that were the case, a 100+ million console like the PS4 would have exclusives selling 50+ million copies easily

fr0sty71d ago

@madlad your online cost argument is null due to the number of free games you get in exchange for paying for these online services, which more than offsets the cost of the service.

anubusgold69d ago

@fr0sty Slightly more powerful lol those gpus are old even by amd standards before the consoles launched their game performance was compared to a 2070 thats two generations behind and the ray tracing is way worse.

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Abear2172d ago

Good for PC gamers, this feels like an ego stroke losing the FIA partnership to Assetto Corsa. I just hope the free updates keep coming bc I’ll happily play this game all gen, it’s truly a great playing GT on PS5.

SullysCigar72d ago

Idk if that's a big factor, Yamauchy seems to think they'll partner in 2023 again:

Double_O_Revan72d ago

Of the Sony games releasing on PC, this one is the biggest no-brainer. PC driving wheel set ups, mods, High performance graphics cards and unlocked frame rates. The PC community would eat it up. The list of possibilities is endless.

JL293071d ago

Enthusiast are not interested in simcade games.

XxINFERNUSxX72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

If they want to see how far they can push their graphics without compromises. You can do so much more on the PC without being held back. They should have done this long ago.

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