Days Gone Deserves Another Chance

With Sony investing so much into exclusives Days Gone is a buried treasure that deserves another chance

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Knushwood Butt71d ago

Loved it from day 1.
Have 260 hours in the game.
Beat it 3 times.
Beat all the challenges.
100% trophies.
Managing fuel is easy. Just go easy on the throttle, freewheel when you can, and upgrade the fuel tank as a priority. There are cannisters of fuel all over the place.

SurgicalMenace71d ago

Agree all the way. It's on my list to platinum but I've not made there yet.

Knushwood Butt71d ago

Enjoy! The platinum is fun to get and nothing too stressful.
Hope you get some crazy wildlife Vs freaks Vs Deacon mayhem!

SmielmaN70d ago

I agree with you guys. This game was a lot of fun. Had a lot of replay ability for me as well. My son loved it as well. We had a lot of fun playing through multiple times.

EvertonFC71d ago

My number 1 favourite game last gen, 3 playthroughs over 350hrs.
Hell of a game and a fantastic story and characters

Rhezin69d ago

Well done sir! First time I played it I was disinterested after the first hour. People said, give it chance give it a chance. So I did and then ended up platting it. Loved the game and its horde mechanics. Music was great as well.

GoodGuy0971d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Just got the game.... it's horribly generic and your typical zombie game that doesn't really do anything different other than a motorbike I guess lol. I think it deserves another chance but I hope Bend can take notes and really improve on the next game. If Bend can't make a great game the next time I....think they should get the boot here Sony...

MrNinosan71d ago

It's not like a typical zombie game, and just by saying that, I doubt you've played it more than 2 hours.

Demetrius71d ago

Smh sounds like he didn’t play the right days gome lmfao

SurgicalMenace71d ago

This guy gives off the typical basement gamer who's only opportunity for accomplishment is through videogames. How about you play it all the way through before casting any judgement. How many times have you died? What is an example of a unique zombie game since Days is so generic?

SullysCigar71d ago

Just imagine it has a green X on the box and you discover it's a great game.

EvertonFC71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Exactly, off topic I've just finished that "medium" game and thought it was great.
Not sure why it god all the average reviews in Xbox.
Yes it's not scary but the story is cool and alittle disturbing.

EvertonFC71d ago

Freakers not zombies, you'd know that if you'd played it and listened to the story.

MajinRose1770d ago

Honestly, I agree. I feel very mid very disjointed. Blacking out between cut scenes and gameplay iss not smooth. Ultimately gave up on it after like 25 hours. Was really buggy too. Once Last of us 2 came out. I forgot about days gone in 0.2 seconds.

frostypants70d ago

If you haven't gotten to Iron Mike's camp you're still in the intro phase. Game starts to get wild at that point.

-Foxtrot70d ago

Generic? I've seen more generic games get a free pass to be honest

Also, I've never seen a Zombie game yet that does the massive hordes that this game does, it feels tense, there's a ton of them that come for you and it's nice to see a game throw so many at you at once.

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BlackIceJoe71d ago

I personally would prefer to see a new Syphon Filter, but I could be the only one that remembers this stealth game.

jznrpg71d ago

There have been rumors …

Snookies1270d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Haha, I just remember in one of the Syphon Filter games back on PS1. You had to go into a building called "The Place". Always found that funny. I would love to see it return though! My cousin and I used to love the split-screen multiplayer in Syphon Filter 2 as well! Made for a lot of fun late night matches.

porkChop71d ago

Sony have franchises that are far more deserving of a comeback than Days Gone. Legend of Dragoon, Syphon Filter, The Getaway, Killzone, Resistance, Socom, MotorStorm, etc.

sagapo71d ago

Yeah, The Getaway, those graphics were insane back in the day.

Snookies1270d ago (Edited 70d ago )

"Stop! I need your details!" Lol, I always remember that voice line when I hear anything about The Getaway...

SurgicalMenace71d ago

As every one of those games can be granted a sequel, there's no reason that Days shouldn't be on that list as well. I'm not sure if any of us have the ability to measure worthiness of any title in a company none of us manage. Just a thought

EvertonFC71d ago

I'd like a sequel but agree with you're comment

ABizzel171d ago

I'd add a Heavenly Sword, Warhawk (PS3), Puppeteer, and a few others.

Thinking about Warhawk, it must be bittersweet, mostly bitter, seeing Fortnite being so HUGE after you made Starhawk and no one bothered.

porkChop71d ago

Oh shit how did I forget Warhawk. That game was so much fun.

shinoff218370d ago

I'd agree with legend of dragoon. Everything else I'd take days gone over them any day of the week.

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MadLad71d ago

Getting disagrees, but bend did go to Sony to make a sequel and Sony then did say no.

EvertonFC71d ago

They pitched a open world MP style game so that's why they probably said NO

SullysCigar71d ago

I mean they said no, not never. If they had other plans for Bend in the near term, it seems logical they'd say no, at least for now.

jznrpg71d ago

The game was not approved because of what they pitched , a multiplayer Days Gone ….

MadLad71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I've seen the interviews with leads on the first game. They actually pitched multiplayer and coop for the first game and it was greenlit.
They couldn't implement it due to time restraints.

There's no reason they would shoot down a sequel for now having more elements that they already were happy with putting in originally. It was also meant to be separate from the single player experience.

Sony, for whatever reason, shot it down. They even then came back about a Resistance reboot, and they shot that down too.

That's when the leads left the company.


Well, this is on an article about a writer thinking there should be a sequel. I just pointed out that Sony already shelved the IP.

Knushwood Butt70d ago

@ Madlad

It's written in the article.

'A sequel was pitched after the first wave of reviews and rejected by Sony.'.

Did you play this on PC, or just watch developer interviews?

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