Squaresoft and Enix Joined Forces 20 Years Ago Today

Square Enix, the juggernaut Japanese publisher that we all know today, was pretty much birthed on this date 20 whole years ago. As the name suggests, it was a merger between Square and Enix — two prominent gaming companies who, were actually rival businesses before they agreed to join hands.

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Terry_B73d ago

Yup. Killed a lot of creativity just for money.

kingnick73d ago

A lot of Square's talent left because of lack of creative control and upper management.

Some games like Koudelka that were made by ex-Square employees were flawed gems but I'm glad they exist.

jznrpg73d ago

@kingnick I have 2 copies of Koudelka , it’s a flawed game but they went out of the box and I love it

kingnick73d ago

A lot of brain drain occurred well before the merger and continued post merger so SE was always going to underperforming relative to Square at its peak.

Sad that Final Fantasy The Spirits Within was such a costly failure. Lost Odyssey was great and felt like a homage to Square of old.

Vx_72d ago

True, only old gamer would understand how much we’ve lost from this merge.

Terry_B73d ago

Remember when Squaresoft created and published more and more great games of different genres? Like Bushido Blade? Parasite Eve? Xenogears, Einhänder and Tobal and the Japan only Racing Lagoon? Or even the 2 Wrestling games they released in Japan for the PS2 that were pretty good actually but never made it outside Japan? How Enix was once known for other games than just Dragonquest and published games like Bust A Groove? Yup..that was all before the merger.

After the got only a few good games from them that weren't totally directed at the mass market.

Terry_B73d ago

ur old!

and I was fucking wrong..they actually released THREE wrestling games there not 2.


BlackTar18773d ago

Bringing all that up makes me sad and miss the old days.

kingnick72d ago

SE very much played it safe which isn't surprising since Hironobu Sakaguchi advocated for many of the more unique games Square put out which other executives had doubts about. After the failure of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within the remaining executives became even more conservative because they likely didn't want the disgrace that comes with supporting projects that are seen as failures having seen what happened to Sakaguchi.

Magic_Spatula72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

They still make games not directed at the mass audience. They just aren't the big budget games which are advertised heavily or made by Square themselves. Drakengard, Nier, Bravely Default, I Am Setsuna, Octopath Traveler, etc. All great games IMO. With the business how it is now, it's more costly taking risks than it is to go with something that's tried and true. More costly in the fact that something new might not make them the money they want so they go with something they know will sell like a new Final Fantasy game or make a game using a recently popular IP like Avengers when the whole MCU blew up. Look at EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Konami, Capcom. They have so many great IPs they're just sitting on and doing nothing with because they aren't the recognizable IPs anymore. Square has always been known for big, epic, RPG adventures. Sure they might dip in to other stuff but that's their bread and butter.

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H973d ago

One of the saddest days in the industry

Shinox73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

it is by far one of WORST collaboration that has ever happened to an iconic company like Squaresoft , not only we've been cucked from getting a Parasite Eve remake under the name "rebirth" in 2003-4 on the PS2 but also marks the moment that we witness the decline of their quality in making games

kingnick72d ago

The companies had very different management and cultures.

Enix outsourced wherever possible while Square had many closeknit groups of developers who enjoyed working together and experimenting and would later collaborate at other developers.

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