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Gotham Knights by WB Games Montreal is a shoddy, yet fun beat em up starring Batman's protege's that is best experienced with friends. But is it worth your time, and better yet, your cash?

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robtion71d ago

5/10? Nope you got it wrong. It's clearly not Arkham level quality but it is a solid 7 or better yet an 8/10. Good job jumping on the bandwagon (a little late though).

CrimsonWing6971d ago

Yea I’m with you. Aside from frame rate chugging on my bike through Gotham the game was a lot of fun to me. My experience was so contradictory to what these “critics” have said that it actually frustrated me the more I thought about the negative reviews. It is a 7-8 kind of game and with the Black Friday sale it had I hope many others get to see how wrong most of the reviews were.

Demetrius71d ago

I have been enjoyin tf out of sonic frontiers so I know I can enjoy this

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Once or if they patch it to 60 fps on consoles I’ll be glad to continue playing it but until then this for me is unbearable. I cannot play games in 30 fps anymore just can’t do it.