Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Open World Draws Inspiration From Spain's Natural Landmarks

Game Rant Writes "The sprawling open world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes inspiration from the mountains, caves, and forests of the Iberian Peninsula."

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Duke1972d ago

It’s art style also drew inspiration of the masterpieces my cat leaves in his litter box

curtain_swoosh72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

i didnt know that spains landmarks let you phase through the ground or walls.

i feel like im missing out

Inverno72d ago

Man this game desperately needs voice acting. Would've loved playing with Spanish dub. I gotta give it to tho, as much as the problems are apparent, it's world is much better designed than Arceus and the wild areas of S&S. Just needs some smaller details to it. I love seeing the npcs on BoTW running to cover when it rains, and out in the world exploring. The npcs out in the wild in Pokemon still mostly just stand and wait for you to battle, and weather is very basic. Boggles the mind that GF hasn't asked the BoTW team to help, or thought of maybe using their engine cause it would be prefect.

Nebaku72d ago

SV's LEAD map designer is the map designer for BOTW and MonolithSoft. So yes, they asked for help.

Nintentional72d ago

And looks like total garbage. Haven’t bought a Pokemon game since Omega Ruby and they’re not making a good case on why I should buy another any time soon.

darksky72d ago

The pics on the right are real life but look like Skyrim scenes which is a 11 year old game. PS/V look like garbage in comparison.