PilotWings Wii to be unveiled soon ?

LiveWii : "If we believe our source, a Wii version of PilotWings will be unveiled by Nintendo in the next weeks as the game should be available during 2009's first semester. Wii Balance Board compatibility & Mii presence should also be part of the game."

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Product3672d ago

Last year on gamestops website in the upcoming releases Pilotwings was stated as being released in 09.Then right before November they took it off the site.

I would love a Pilotwings with motionplus controls,loved the n64 version.....the snes was alright aswell.

ChickeyCantor3672d ago

Mmm, to me the Snes version was the better one.
Maybe it was the music XD.

Always enjoyed the airplane and diving parts.
Yesh it would be a nice addition to the Wii.

Nugundam00793672d ago

I failed at the previous two pilot wings...time for another F eh?

Shnazzyone3672d ago

I hope it's true but I won't believe it until i see screenshots. Pilotwings is one of those titles i've been hoping would come to the wii since it's inception. Seems the controls would be perfect for flying a plane. just have to wait and see.

Product3672d ago

exactly.....controls would be great imo if done correctly.This is one of the games that isnt a real core game but incredibly fun none the less.
Next year we will have Punchout and S&P 2(first half of year) .. but im really looking forward to either another Starfox or FZero all with motion plus controls.

TheColbertinator3672d ago

Sounds good but if Nintendo if working on it at this moment,they should announce it early to get the hype rolling

Voiceofreason3672d ago

They have never been the type to do that. I think they prefer to not have things like Home happening to them. They announce it for a fall release and it comes out two years later.. Now since Sony isnt Nintendo they pretty much got a free ride for that but could you imagine how many trolls would be here hating on Nintendo if they had to delay one of their products for 2 years?

TheColbertinator3672d ago

Who cares what trolls/fanboys say and think? I just want some momentum to open up for the Wii on some new Nintendo games.

As for the Home situation,I actually liked Home because it is everything I expected.A little hype doesn't hurt once in a while.We all know Disaster could have used some before selling a dismal 20,000 copies in Japan.A little hype from Nintendo could have made the game worthwhile for Monolith to make.

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The story is too old to be commented.