We Should Care More About Xbox Stealing Forza Back After Its Own Pricing Errors

A pricing error saw players briefly get Forza Horizon 4 and 5 cheaply, but Xbox taking the game back over a week later is a dangerous precedent.

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lodossrage67d ago

People should be upset about this. I don't care if people bought those 2 Forza games on the cheap. Microsoft made the pricing error for those moments, not the customers. And why wait a full week to finally "decide" to take the games back?

Everyone had a fit when Konami forced Sony to take away P.T. from people's psn accounts. That was FREE and people had a fit. But these Forza games people PAID for and not a peep? That is nonsense.

This is almost as bad as Overwatch 1, a game people paid for deliberately being made to not work anymore for Overwatch 2, even though people PAID for Overwatch 1.

For all the cheerleaders that want a digital only gaming future, this is the start of the reality you want.

isarai67d ago

That all digital future people push for. Now people are starting to see why the "haters" argued against it.

lodossrage67d ago

Yeah, they're always "haters" until they find things they bought are suddenly gone or not working.

Sadly, that's a lot of people; who cares "as long as it's not me" scenario is common.

EvertonFC67d ago

Tbh a disk ain't gonna work either in the future with about 70mb of the games on the disk ?

ApexWolf2267d ago

Too bad the full game usually isn’t on the disk anymore. That was my main push towards all digital gaming. And since prices typically suck I just wait on sales and grab only 1-2 games day 1 annually anymore.

isarai66d ago

@EveetonFC & ApexWolf22

You two should really play something other than AAA games. Just bought evil west, great game, works perfectly out the box. Played it for about 6hrs before i let the update install by restarting it at the end of my session. Get away from the Ubisoft/EA/Activision games and most of them just work out the box.

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Petebloodyonion67d ago

Totally agree with you, It is scummy tactics that MS should be called on.
If the game was sold at a cheap price by mistake then fix the price and let the ppl who paid t keep their games.
It's not like millions of ppl used that deal and the negative press will be far more expensive and damaging versus the saving.
Again PPLs are right to be pissed!

SullysCigar67d ago

Yep. You're bang on regarding reputational risk.

Lightning7766d ago

Aren't these games on GP though? Regardless this isn't a good look on MS. The all digital future has been slowly exposing itself for awhile now. They should of let ppl keep those games.

frostypants66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

It's not merely "scummy tactics". It's literal theft from those who bought it. It's freaking mass felony by MS.

1Victor67d ago

@lodos the truth is they’re not upset about it their mentality is “ I don’t care soon we will have tons of free games after the purchase goes through “

EvertonFC66d ago

Free? think you need to rethink that.

SullysCigar67d ago

You made a mistake, Microsoft. Own it. Not cool.

SoulWarrior67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Imagine the 'great concern' and aNtIcOnSuMeR comments from the usual suspects if Sony did this lol.

Petebloodyonion67d ago

Are ppl praising Microsoft here?
Bad practices need to be called no matter the company.

BehindTheRows67d ago

Right. And there’d be quite a few articles about it. We’ll see how this plays out though.

Lightning7766d ago

The only real backlash MS got was when they raised the price of Live. They had small time backlash when certain DRM aspects were still present. (which they finally resolved ) I doubt this will hit main stream gaming media tbh.

TicklefistCP67d ago

If Sony did this people would carry on as if they're on Jim Ryan's payroll and explain how its a good thing.

lodossrage67d ago


Because I remember how everyone came down on Sony when they took P.T. away from people at the request of Konami. A FREE demo.

Flawlessmic67d ago

This is the first I'm hearing of this, if true and people paid regardless of price then this is utterly disgusting.

Ms stuffed up that's there problem, not a peep from any media about this either, what a surprise.

ocelot0767d ago

100% and I have the purchase receipt and refund email to prove it. This proves that digital only gives the likes of Microsoft and Sony way to much power.

If they can take a game off a refund you like this. Then what happens if for say the next Forza comes out people pay £60 for it rather than rent it on gamepass. Then a few months later they revoke the licence and refund you and say well we raised the price to £80 now so if you want it again pay the £80.

shinoff218367d ago

Sony isn't the one pushing the all digital future like that. Sony allows games to be press physically still. As low as I've seen 800 copies. While ms has a minimum of 75000. That's crazy. Ms is also the one that had to revise the Xbox one cause they were on some crazy sh. Look it up

Rynxie67d ago

I heard Warner Bros and other studios are removing your digital copy from other sources and making you repurchase it on their platform. You'll rent and own nothing will be strong on digital services.

cableguyariel67d ago

Well I think I will cancel my Game pass subscription so they might have saved £79.99 but will lose £131.88 a year due to this poor error on their behalf.

Dcat67d ago

Stop your fake outrage lol. It's so obvious

KillBill66d ago

Person talking about cancelling Game Pass after supposedly purchasing a game that is FREE on Game Pass... and all because of the money. lol

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