LittleBigPlanet glitch may erase parts of your save data

Some users are reporting a terrible glitch in LittleBigPlanet which affects the game's save data. According to a forum post at, random things will go missing from one's save. For example, progress in the MGS4 level pack may disappear. "I've completed all five acts, and when I turned off the power and played again, all that was unlocked was Act 1-3. However, my scores from Act 4 and 5 were still in place-- it's just that I need to unlock them all over again as well as collect the prize bubbles," says SuperPhillip.

The more frightening consequence of this bug is the deletion of user-created content. "I lost four costumes and she lost all 12 of her saved costumes, as well as losing the level status. Also we found that all of our community and saved photos were erased too," says justsayno2girls. Some are theorizing that the glitch is caused by bloated profile data. Since the release of the game, players have collected tons of objects from community members. The MGS pack also adds a large amount of data to one's profile. The game may be automatically deleting content when a profile gets too large.

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thor3672d ago

This happened to me. Twice. I lost all the stuff I'd added to my level. It might be just because it's not saving, that's what I thought. But if it's a bug it just adds to the long list of game-breaking bugs in LBP which is a shame. Most of them are very minor, and yet can be very irritating.

Before you disagree, try these things:

Glue a block of dissolve to a backplate of metal.
Glue a block of metal to the dissolve, such that it is touching the backplate but is not glued to it.
Attach a switch to the dissolve.
Press the switch, and the block falls, as you would expect.
Rewind, or adjust the backplate in any way, and it will NOT fall when you press the switch.

This sounds like it wouldn't matter but it DOES because this is the fundamental problem happening when something more complex goes wrong. Doesn't have to be metal either, could be any material.

Now, create a backplate of metal, and put an emitter that emits a moving object onto it. Also put a magnetic key switch on it, set to inverted (so it's on) and 1-shot. Connect it to the emitter. Press play, and the moving object will be emitted. Press rewind, and the game will be paused, but the moving object will be emitted and WILL BE MOVING in pause mode. Each time you rewind a new object will spawn which can be annoying.

There are other bugs regarding wobble bolts. The behaviour of a wobble bolt on top of another wobble bolt seems to change dramatically when the angle is changed past 360 degrees. Wobble bolts in general are not easy to tweak because their appearance is poorly designed, but that's another issue.

There are the well known bugs about stickers disappearing when you join objects together, and now there's this which I thought was just me forgetting to save, but it could be a glitch as well.

Milky Joe3672d ago

Not exactly 'game-breaking', though are they?

Although, I'll admit there are a lot of glitches in the game.

I Also think that the headline is really misleading. It won't erase save data, it just won't save it in the first place, so anything you've got so far is completely safe.

Armyless3672d ago

if you gently "press" the objects that you only want glued together, whether by moving it with the Left Analog stick into the other object or by gently pressing L1 or L2 into back and front planes (objects will glow red) then hold X as you normally would to glue those specific objects together. (Same works with detach by "pulling" objects apart)

I have found that gluing without adding pressure can glue or UnAttach the entire multi-piece object, moving parts and all.

thor3672d ago

@Armyless - I know this, that's how you glue them like that in the first place. But the game doesn't seem to remember it if you have two _indirectly_ glued objects touching each other; it sometimes assumes they are glued.

@Milky Joe - Not completely game breaking, BUT I had a floor in a tower I wanted to make collapse. I did this by connecting the floor to the side walls with dissolve blocks, then dissolving them. But when I adjusted the back of the tower, without me knowing, the floor would not fall down and I had to glue it all back from scratch which took ages. In the same level I had the other problem I described which meant EVERY time I rewound there was another attacking enemy that spawned that I needed to delete.

Serjikal_Strike3672d ago

and i have the mgs pack...ill have to check again later on when i get home just to make sure

Nuclearfish3672d ago

A few hours after playing through the MGS levels on Christmas Eve my save progress stopped saving. Deleting some old levels and most of the community objects sorted it out, although I have heard that this doesn't always work.

ultimolu3672d ago

That really sucks. Hopefully they're ironed out.

ThatArtGuy3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

This happened to me last night. The game constantly tells me to delete things from my profile, which I do. However, last night I quit out of a game, and started this morning to find that I lost the last three levels I played.

Very aggravating. The game is wonderful, but this bug needs patched.

Oh, and I haven't downloaded the MGS pack yet.

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