Playstation Home Could Remain in Beta Indefinitely

Kotaku Writes: "Jack Buser, director of Home, was kind enough to join us for this podcast.

He let Fahey, Adam and I drop in to his surprisingly stark virtual home on the Playstation 3 were he talked about the future of the free virtual world and surprised all of us by saying there's a good chance it will remain in beta indefinitely."

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Darkseider5686d ago

Like this is a bad thing? Being in beta indefinetly is really no big deal other than drastic changes happening to test out new ideas. To be quite honest I hope it does stay in beta for a while until Sony and friends find a happy medium that most people enjoy while using Home.

Hooded Vendetta5686d ago

I think its a good thing :)

This means updates will come frequent.

locos855685d ago

being a beta isn't bad. I use Gmail and its been in beta for like 5 years. I prefer beta, more updates

Chubear5685d ago (Edited 5685d ago )

I was hoping Hiphopgamer would be the first of the gaming media, outside of immediate Sony aids, to do an interview inside of HOME with his Gamers in the street segment :(

Anyways, it's kinda funny when all you hear is HOME is dead but even the most rabid haters like Kotaku are constantly involved in HOME either throwing parties or having interviews.

I'm sorry but it's hard to believe HOME is dead when the gaming media and the gaming community keep talking about HOME everyday. I don't remember ANYBODY talking about "failures" like Two Worlds or Anubis II on a daily basis and those were dead within a week.

If people are constantly talking about and using your product, it's simply moronic to call it "failed" XD Again, Nobody spends a significant ammount of time talking about a failed product - NOBODY.

jaysquared5685d ago

HOME=Biggest waste of time ever! Seriously Sony could've been doing a lot more to PSN instead of wasting their time on Home. Yes it was very intuitive because there hasn't been anything like this on a game console! But please fix PSN first then deal with this. You PS3 gamers should keep in mind that Sony has been working on Home for the last 3 years and put in a lot of money towards this! That money and time could've been spent on putting features in PSN that would improve it! Like cross game private chatting/invites, a party system like the 360 has, a better interface, improving contents in PSN in general..

cito35th5685d ago

but not entirely great! think about it, we will never going to have the FULL features in a beta...wouldn't that just defeat the whole purpose of a beta?

Stubacca5685d ago

I don't care if it does remain in Beta. Just as long as they get that audio/video streaming out!

thebudgetgamer5685d ago

this website is still in beta


ultimolu5685d ago

Gmail is still in beta form, lol.

cito35th5685d ago

like for example, audio/video streaming out is out for the final version of HOME, idk if they will release it during a beta...

locos855685d ago

LOL..... N4G is in beta 2.0

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Denocao5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

That's why there was a closed beta! Home should have gone to open beta with more things to do like more places, more game rooms, more cloth, free clubs (you know there will be a monthly fee for clubs, right?), more ITENS!!! Bubble maker?! Is that it? WTF!
Anyways... If you ask me the open beta should be dealing with bandwidth issues, that's all. Sony should keep the updates and expansions coming in the final version of Home, of course.

The word BETA became an excuse for a half a$$ finished product.

doshey5686d ago

oh cry me a river,If you ask me the open beta should be dealing with bandwidth issues, what u think there doing right now, dealing with servers so it dont crash when more stuff is brought into home, maybe if u head over to the playstation underground and read what the home mangers are doing u would know a little something about what there doing with home

Darkseider5686d ago

So the XBox 360 should be called the XBox 360 Beta? Seeing that since its' inception and up to current day it still has an absolutely abyssmal failure rate that Microsoft is still trying to fix? Seriously, it is a software beta, it is a service and a virtual environment. Due to the fact that Home is a very dynamic place keeping it in Beta in order to ensure as close to optimal availability and performance is in the best interest of Sony, Sony's partners and the users that take advantage of and use Home.

Denocao5685d ago

That made me lol. Bubbles.

Spike475686d ago

All of this for no yearly fee.

Stryfeno25686d ago

Why are we still talking about this useless app?

Deviant5686d ago

nobody is talking with you :)

Eiffel5685d ago (Edited 5685d ago )

You just contradicted yourself.

Chubear5685d ago

if it was "useless" you wouldn't be having every majory gaming stie from GT to Kotaku to IGN creating their spaces on HOME for their PS3 fanbase.

How the hell can it be a "waste of time" when it's making Sony Money and it's always packed with gamers? lol MS's viral marketing works incredibly great on sheep minds.

ultimolu5685d ago

If it's so useless, then stop commenting on the articles and NOT use it.

You're the one that's useless.

Stryfeno25685d ago

I deleted HOME 2 minutes after I tried it. Ultimo stop being a fanbaby....HOME is useless as a Nintendo Wii.

ultimolu5685d ago (Edited 5685d ago )

And that's your f*cking opinion. It's useless because you don't even know what the hell it is to begin with.

You deleted it? Then shut up about it and go play some games. You're the one that's acting like a baby.


Grow up.

I have seen a lot of people using Home on a daily basis. I don't hear them b*tching about how it sucks so much. It's a free application. Nobody twisted your arm to download it.

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Denocao5686d ago

You didn't get my point... I said Home, in my opinion, should have more shape and form by now. Bandwidth issues should be Sonys' only challenge now.