Gabe Newell says all his PC bits come from different manufacturers, and that's why PC is best

From PCGamer: "Yesterday saw the star-festooned extravaganza that was the 40th annual Golden Joystick awards(opens in new tab). Unsurprisingly when it came to the software side, Elden Ring walked off with an armful of gongs, but the best hardware award went to Valve and the Steam Deck(opens in new tab). The award was accepted by Gabe Newell, and in doing so he made a point about something we all take for granted in our wonder machines.

"On behalf of everyone at Valve, I would like to say thank you for giving Steam Deck the Golden Joystick award for best gaming hardware," said Newell. "So on my PC I have an AMD CPU, a Nvidia GPU, the PC's from Falcon Northwest, I have a Corsair mouse, I have a Logitech keyboard, I have a Samsung monitor…"

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PitbullMonster64d ago

By the most important parts, CPU and GPU, you can only choose between 2 and 3 brands and these 3 brands use their oligopol to the max. Sorry but I won't pay 1000€+ just only for a gpu.

ChubbyBlade64d ago

Then don’t buy top of the line? The other cards don’t suddenly vanish into thin air

Number1TailzFan64d ago

Top of the line is rarely good value for performance, you go for the parts that give most performance for the money, when it's possible of course, like Intel 13600k or 13700k make far more sense than a 13900k since you're most of the way there and saving a good amount of money.

With GPUs that's difficult at the moment, at least with the 4000 series from NGreedia anyway.

z2g64d ago

PCs are the best for people who want to f***k around building PCs.

I just want to focus on games and services, not the machinery.

Inverno64d ago

Then buy prebuilt. Want to just plug and play? You can do that too. These excuses were only ever that, excuses. There is no reason you can't just focus on games and services on PC. You can if you wanted to have it go straight to big picture mode and forget it's even a PC if that's what you wanted.

ChubbyBlade64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Then just buy one built?

Why do you console only people act like every time a Pc player plays a game they have to insert 25 pieces of hardware, enter 250 lines of code and spend $1000 each month for new parts to play?

They open steam and click launch.

MadLad64d ago

Because they don't want to play on it, and it gives them peace of mind to just tell themselves there's not a bunch of pros to the platform.

Giblet_Head64d ago

I've come to see it as nothing but a coping mechanism. Consoles have become quite anti-consumer and the old brand loyalists have been hitting mental roadblock after mental roadblock to rationalize that very one-sided loyalty. Quite literally driving them insane.

FinalFantasyFanatic63d ago

Once you build/set it up (two hours tops), you don't really change the PC much unless you're upgrading parts every year, I don't dick about in the game settings much either, just max most settings and play.

Eidolon64d ago

Didn't fuck around with mine much besides replacing the mobo because it didn't play nice with XMP, and upgrading my PSU for a 3060 TI(plus is twas a cheap ass 500W PSU I got for free and will be using it in a secondary system at some point). I primarily game on console, though.

Number1TailzFan64d ago

There's also people who want to do more than just game on their PC, like using it for content creation such as video editing etc.

MadLad63d ago

I think people conveniently forget that when you build a gaming PC ... It's also a PC.

Like they conveniently leave out the extra cost spent to play games over a generation.

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The3faces64d ago

Wrong Gabe Half Life 3 would be best!

Inverno64d ago

Steam Deck still has some kinks, but I'm glad I bought it. It has the best controls of any console/handheld. Hope they take what they've learnt and make another steam controller.

Tacoboto64d ago

Steam Deck represents the best and worst to me. I absolutely loved mine the first week, but I RMA'd when I realized mine had a series of dead pixels after I started playing a game with bright colors.

For all they did right - control options, SteamOS, ease of proton version selection, freedom of extensibility, shader caching - they exhibit such immature hardware shortcomings - dead pixels, screen "bubbles", low quality fans.

I would've sought a replacement unit but chose the refund option when the subreddit became filled with reports of those screen bubbles which are still ongoing. The device I feel is absolutely transformative, and the power is actually there. But damn those kinks; when you have the kind of luck to actually get even one dead pixel in 2022, it's impossible to get that kind of excitement back...

Steam Deck OLED - fix the display up and I'll preorder it immediately.

MadLad63d ago

I have a Steam Deck already, but would happily sell it and grab an OLED version. That's probably something they're already thinking about.

They know they have a hit on their hands now. Far from the highly mismanaged Steam Machines.

Knushwood Butt64d ago

My PS5 is full of components from different manufacturers, but that's got nothing to do with why it's the best.

MadLad63d ago

I have a PS5.
I have a couple of games for it but, for some reason, I still find myself playing my PC 95% of the time.

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