UK regulators are investigating Apple's block on Xbox Game Pass

- The UK Competition and Markets Authority will investigate how Apple and Google dominate the mobile browser market.

- The same investigation will also look into Apple restricting cloud gaming through its App Store.

- Xbox Cloud Gaming and other cloud gaming services are only available on iOS devices through a web browser, which limits visibility.

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Christopher75d ago

I'm going to assume it's an Epic-similar stalemate where Microsoft doesn't want to pay Apple 30% from store-based subscriptions and Apple doesn't want to allow people to subscribe from sources outside of the Apple ecosystem while utilizing Apple-based resources for the feature.

XiNatsuDragnel75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Microsoft at it again tbh imo.

ritchi4574d ago

Maybe I'm naive, but surely Apple can do what they want with the platform they developed/maintain?

Name Last Name74d ago

Yes but if they exploit their influence knowing that others must pay or get out, when is it too much power? Regulators hate monopolies (or duopolies in this case).

TheGreatGazoo3074d ago

This is a clear example of monopoly behavior. Apple owns the ecosystem And has competing products to GamePass, Spotify, etc. Their options don't have to pay the apple tax, competitors do, which means they will be more expensive or have a significantly slimmer profit margin, or both.

Silver_ShadoWolf74d ago

Apple is being greedy. I can’t wait for Tesla’s new phone to come out. I hear its more open sourced, more freedom, with the same type of security Apple has. Shame on apple for trying to rob developers. No more iPhones for me. They aren’t even that great. It’s basically stayed the same since release.

got_dam74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Isn't game pass ultimate perk going to be an apple TV subscription? I could be wrong. Thought I saw that recently.

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