Hyperkin reveals official Xbox 360 replica controller for Xbox and PC

This retro controller brings back memories of the Xbox 360.

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darthv72186d ago

I'd be down for one of these if it was wireless. The 360 pad is still my all time favorite for XB pads.

autobotdan186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I liked the xbox 360 more than the xbox one controller. Better triggers imo just the dead i didn't like

on_line_forever186d ago

It's seems will not support windows 7

Sgt_Slaughter186d ago

I would have bought the Duke rerelease had it been wireless, same with this.

Better yet, I wish they'd allow for the 360 Wireless Adaptor that was release for PC to be plugged into an Xbox One/Series at this rate. Instantly gain access to one of the best controllers ever designed.

darthv72186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Well... to be fair their Duke was meant to be a wired controller because of the original it is based off of. For this one, it doesnt make sense to make it wired as the predominant controller for the 360 was wireless. Yes there was a wired version but it was only offered with the core at the beginning and then sold by itself after. Every iteration of the 360 console after launch included a wireless controller. This should be a wireless controller... hyperkin likely does not have the means to get the licence for the wireless control board that MS uses. Razer can though, maybe they should have partnered up on this missed opportunity.

Profchaos186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

I love it I always thought the shape of the 360 controller was better than most and fits my hand extremely comfortably I'd rate it above the X1. The stick tension was perfect on 360

If they have a headphone jack at the bottom it's a instant buy for me

Profchaos186d ago

Apparently it does I'm so buying it

kingnick183d ago

The stick tension was perfect on the Xbox360 controller, I don't like the Xbox Series controllers lower tension sticks.

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