Uncharted 2 Scans From Latest EDGE Magazine

High-res scans from latest EDGE magazine.

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MaximusPrime3669d ago

i so wanted to get that game. i love the first one.

shadowghost7523669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I loved it too the first one should have won game of the year it deserved it, the second one looks incredible. Naughty Dog are quite possibly the best devs out there.

Bubbles for all Naughty Dog fans!

Prismo_Fillusion3669d ago

I think everyone who played Uncharted fell in love with it. Just a spectacular game all-around. Uncharted 2 can't come out soon enough!

Montrealien3669d ago

I can't wait for this game, Loved the first one. Think it will be in 1080p at 60fps? Since the first one was only 30% of the PS3's power, I think we are all set no? woot!

na2ru13669d ago

After the countless 360 fanboys claimed that the PS3 is less capable, weaker, and harder to develop than the 360, sure yeah.....Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS!

ravinash3669d ago

Uncharted was a great game, but it was more to do with the game play, story and characters.
I'm sure Naughty dog can keep this going in the next one.
Nathan is the man.

Sarcasm3669d ago

It looks awesome. It's definitely going to get a 6/10 from edge!

Man if only if it was a 360 exclusive, 10/10 gauranteed!

Cajun Chicken3669d ago

Totally awesome, of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from the artistic and technical Naughty Dog.
Not to mention, they can always have a great story with engaging characters.
I wonder how they will top the waterfall U-Boat reveal in the sequel?

I_am_rushin3669d ago

I want to know since when are crappy photos considered hi-res scans?

Faztkiller3669d ago

Just got plat trophy on first cant wait to start working on this one
ND ftw

Bubble Buddy3668d ago

After a Jak game? :). Lol anyways can't wait for Uncharted 2. The different scenery is welcoming.

Sarcasm: I mentioned this too with Killzone 2. Make them "announce" Uncharted 2 for 360, let them review it, then tell them the truth that it's not being released on 360 :D.

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fishd3669d ago

PS3 IZ dooooomed,Stop making game for it ND

/'their' dream

n4gzz3669d ago

urban setting ??

Character and Environment detail just "wow".

Little more bullet this time please.

beavis4play3669d ago

honestly, i'd like to have more exploration rather than more shooting......i guess they can't make everybody happy.

n4gzz3669d ago

of course, they can't make everyone happy. Otherwise game would sell at least 15 million.

pornflakes3669d ago

This is called "Uncharted 1.5" for PS3 boys.

The next game which will get bundled by SOny to look the sales good like with resi/motorstorm/LBP/MGS/HS/R&a mp;C/Uncharted1... all ps3 exklusives, lul!

MGOelite3669d ago

you cant really compare uncharted to gears of war, because... well you know, uncharted is actually a good game.

and its not 1.5 theres actually a difference,

uncharted 1: jungle setting
2: urban, snow and by the looks of it more jungle and some aztec type ruins

ultimolu3669d ago

Get a f*cking life you moron.

MaximusPrime3669d ago

the reason why we call Halo 3 as Halo 2.5 and GeOW 2 as GeOW 1.5 is because they both are shoot em up and too repetitive.

Uncharted is different. it has different setting, different storyline and it is not really a "repetitive shoot-em-up" game.

Firstkn1ghT3669d ago

Uncharted is different? Somebody has never played Tomb Raider. Not to mention the shooting aspect of Uncharted is similar to games like Gears of War.

MGOelite3669d ago

well if your gonna say the shooting is similar thats like me saying gears stole its cover system from MGS from 1997

Rs3669d ago

Firstkn1ghTheLunatic, ShutUp! Ur opinions means nothing here.

MaximusPrime3669d ago


i played all Tomb Raider games. I wouldnt call them repetitive. It has different storylines.

I played Halo 1 and 2 and basically both are nothing new. It just shoot that shoot this. it called repetition.

Montrealien3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

MaximusPrime said...

"Uncharted is different. it has different setting, different storyline and it is not really a "repetitive shoot-em-up" game."

I agree, I love the uncharted storyline, although I also loved the Halo 3 and Gears Story line, but to say it is not a "repetitive shoot-em-up" just blows my mind, did we play the same game?

You know what I want in Uncharted 2? 60fps in full 1080p and have ZERO draw in, since Uncharted 1 was only 30% of the PS3's power, we all have to agree that this should be the least of Naughty dogs problems right? But it won't happen, because in the end, Uncharted will have the same graphical improvments that Gears 2 had over Gears 1.

thereapersson3669d ago

And Gears of War stole its entire core gameplay mechanic from a game called Kill.Switch. What point exactly are you trying to make?

InMyOpinion3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

In conclusion; calling Gears 2 Gears 1.5 is just as silly as calling Uncharted 2 Uncharted 1.5.

Shane Kim3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I have to agree somewhat with the bots on this one. Since the graphics in this game so far doesn't seem greatly improved. (THIS IS NOT A BAD THING, UNHARTED 1 GRAPHICS IS STILL ONE OF THE BEST AS TO DATE). Howerver, the story is different unlike Gears2 was to Gears 1, the settings are different unlike Gears 2 was to Gears 1 and even the gameplay has been improved alot and alot of new things like a free climbing mechanic, stealth gameplay, pulling guards off roofs while hanging are all new additions. That's more than what Gears 2 did for Gears 1.

dukadork3668d ago

"You know what I want in Uncharted 2? 60fps in full 1080p and have ZERO draw in, since Uncharted 1 was only 30% of the PS3's power, we all have to agree that this should be the least of Naughty dogs problems right?"

not really: they said they used 30% of SPU power

60fps is not crucial for that kinda game
1080p has little to do with SPU usage, it's an RSX issue and again, not crucial: just look at KZ2 in 720p, it's dead gorgeous

OTOH, seeing what GG did for KZ2 lighting, post processing, special FX, particles/pyro, physics, fluid dynamics etc...

i can't wait to see what naughtydog will do with those badass SPUs!
it's early but hey this is naughtydog so uncharted 2 will be a real 2 and i'm sorry but gears 2 was a gears 1.5: suck it down xb!tches

if you need a 1080p @ 60Hz fix, play wipeoutHD: that's a game that really beneficiate from it. it's funny how people don't mention that when they talk about "broken PS3 promises" **cough cough**

Montrealien3668d ago

who's talking about broken Sony promises? I jus tworded what I would like for the sequel to one of my favorite games of the year. And I own Wipeout HD. It's an amazing game.

dukadork3668d ago

i didn't mean you in particular :)

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predator3669d ago

Uncharted, I still think, is the best game on the PS3. Uncharted 2 will take that crown back when released.