Ninja Blade Demo Gameplay

A short video of Xbox 360's new ninja game "Ninja Blade".

Click the Link for High Definition quality.

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Hooded Vendetta5686d ago

If anyone is intrested, I recorded it with a Hauppauge HD PVR. Click the link for full HD.

Just thought I would let those know that were wondering :)

( Saves me the messeges :P )

Kush_Reaper5686d ago

Wow! the game is mediocre at best. Judging by this video it's very repetitive and the audio and sound fx is nothing short of horrid. Even god can't help the 360 in 2009 lol.


SI7VER5686d ago

It's way to early and it's pointless! The game looks ok. There ARE worse titles I've seen. Plus no matter what console a game comes out for...you have your good games and bad ones. My point is...Don't hate!


Montrealien5686d ago (Edited 5686d ago )

He starts flame wars because it makes him feel special. He know that outside, in the real world he would never act like this because it is beyond being a retard. But being anonymous and on a web site gives him a feeling of importance, something his dad stopped giving him when he found out his son throws like a girl.

special note : This comment was not aimed at Kush Reaper himself, but to the personna of the retarded fanboy on both sides that come and argue for nothing here on N4G and other websites like it. They are a bunch of f*cking losers. and are NOT gamers, and do not represent the views of real gamers, they represent the views of a very vocal minority of the gaming community that are as usefull and as an a$$hole on my elbow.

game on.

Kush_Reaper5685d ago

Hahaha i just love railing you fantards up, it sure proves how insecure you are over a piece of plastic that digs deep in peoples pockets and burns their houses down truely pathetic bunch of inbreads you are. I have more of a life than any of you could ever dream of having.

Let me guess you are probably a virgin right? lol

Montrealien5685d ago

yeah Kush....that's it, we are Virgins. What are you, a frat tart?

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mcgrawgamer5686d ago

doesn't do the game justice. It won't win any GOTY awards, but it's way better than initially thought it to be. Gameplay sans the QTE's is similar to Otogi.

UnitedO5686d ago

I dont think that the game will sell so good, it looks a little boring, but it not bad, but just ok.

Montrealien5686d ago

I think the game will sell good, it looks a little cool, but not to boring, just ok? I confused myself by writting that phrase, imagine reading one like it.

seriously though, I think this game looks fun, I love From software, some of my favorite games of the last few years have been Otogi, Otogi 2 and Metal wolf Chaos. I will give this one a shot for sure.

SuperM5686d ago

AI looks horrible, and from software is a mediocre at best developer. This and Demon Soul is not gonna get good reviews, and its not gonna sell well outside of japan. Thats my predictions atleast.

Hooded Vendetta5686d ago

Who cares if it dont sell? :S As long as you enjoy it, thats all that matters.

kewlkat0075686d ago

....See as long as "YOU" enjoy the game, who cares about the sales right?


Darrius Cole5685d ago

Unless you own the company it doesn't matter to you how much one game sells. At least, it doesn't matter beyond the effect that sales have on the likelihood of the company making a sequel to a game that you like.

Sometimes I think we take this so-called "Console War" far to seriously.

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