Fallout New Vegas Director Sees Himself Making Another Fallout Game

Josh Sawyer, the director of Fallout: New Vegas, has said that he could see himself making another Fallout game as he loves the franchise.

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DOMination-69d ago

Josh has a very impressive CV.

With Bethesda and Obsidian now under the same roof so to speak, it's certainly a possibility that he could either help with FO5 or work on another separate title.

Duke1969d ago

Oh man I would kill for another game like FO:NV. Hell this is one I’d gladly pay for a serious remake of period

EazyC69d ago

It's amazing how Fallout: New Vegas, despite being a buggy, ugly game, is still an absolute marvel of game making. I think it made me truly realise how insignificant graphics are when it comes to making something truly special.

Having said that....if he was at the helm of a Fallout game with next gen graphics, I have no doubt it would be mind-blowing.

-Foxtrot68d ago

I can get away with the bugs considering they were given limit funds and development time while using assists from Fallout 3 Bethesda had done (which was also buggy)

Let them do a Fallout game with a bigger budget and development cycle and it could be perfect

EazyC67d ago

I have no doubt. Doesn't even have to be a Fallout game. Just a "proper" first person RPG, nothing has even come close to Fallout: New Vegas in that world, and I think it's simply due to JE Sawyer's creative philosophy.

shinoff218368d ago

As an older gamer I still go back and play nes and snes games. Graphics never matter to me.

EazyC67d ago

For sure, I'm the same way!

They do help immerse oneself in a world though. I was playing RDR 2 recently and there is a real sensation of "dawn awakening" watching the sun come up, something I don't think I've experienced in a videogame before. So I think we can have the best of both worlds.

MrVux00069d ago

That is certainly a reassuring news for the Fallout fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.