Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 review

Wait, the RTX 4080 GPU costs how much?

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Wretchedstain75d ago

Superior over-inflated 'mining-boom' replica price attempt.

zero_jp75d ago

This is a rip-off. I would implore anyone who wants or needs a new videos card to wait for the next gen AMD 7900 XT and XTX GPU’s priced under $1000.

Furthermore if you’re keen on purchasing something by NVIDIA you can find 3080’s and TI’s, 3090’s and TI’s, at stupid low prices new in box sealed world wide.

The market is currently oversaturated with used and new cards now that mining has finally taken a beating. Do not for the love of god give NVIDIA $1200 for a 4080.

They and the CEO specifically are arbitrarily trying to keep GPU price’s astronomical. Speak with your purses and wallets by not opening them up in the first place ladies and gents.

lonewolf1075d ago

Lets not forget trying to sell a 4070 as another 80 variant, NVidia are stooping real low now.

Espangerish75d ago

Gamers should vote with their wallets. Seems to be happening too…looking in the UK the main retailers haven’t sold out of any of the 4080 models several days after launch. Predictions that they would only be available on eBay from scalpers were wrong. Very pleasing to see.

Andrew33675d ago

Can't wait to see the 7900xt run cyberpunk in 4k at 11fps

Stanjara75d ago

You are probably right. But let's see the price first. They are gonna be $999.99

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MadLad75d ago

I'm good with my 3080 for a while.

Be going with AMD next time until you guys stop being ridiculous.


Greedy SOBs fuck Nvidia , lower your price then maybe people will buy, it's simple logic. The 4090 should have been maybe $1299 and the 4080 for about $799.