Resident Evil 5 DEMO Comparison

What follows is a comparison of the Biohazard 5 demos which were recently released for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. What you should keep in mind when viewing the pictures below is that, as of the publishing of this article, the game still has three months of development time and any of the things you see below could very well be changed by the time the game is released. Another thing you should note is that these shots were taken through component video output on both consoles.

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GiantEnemyCrab3670d ago

Uh-oh! I know which version I'm buying.

Magic_The_Celt3670d ago

Xbox 360? since thats all you have?

chaosatom3670d ago

even If one is superior than the other.

No one is actually going to buy a whole another console for it, lol.

Snake Raiser3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I, BIG BOSS, don't know. How the Fck I am supposed to compare the games with these screen shots? Just show us the exact same pictures next to each other, one from each console!

Maybe my browser just does not like the mouse over thing.

blackbeld3669d ago

PS3 it is!!! PS3 is the leading platform for developers to make games..

360 controls sucks!!! and for graphics its still not the final build for PS3 but 360 is those graphics you will get.. :(

ravinshield3669d ago

the ps3rd version looks so poor quality, thats just funny

Bubble Buddy3669d ago

Uh as Voodo said, both versions used component cables. o_0

JeffGUNZ3663d ago

Don't worry buddy, we can just install it to the Hard Drive and it will run perfectly. Fanyboy.

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Arsenic133670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

The textures in the 360 version arent as blurred.
As seen with the meat

You can see the chainsaw looking nicer as well.

The skulls are blurry on PS3 you cannot deny it.

PS3 has higher smog volume but its very evident that the resolution or Aliasing is lower

Now if this picture doesn't prove the 360 version looks better than your blind

Shiva losses shading from her hair and her headset on the PS3 version

The game will be great anyway, minor graphical difference wont change the gameplay.

If your going to disagree state why, not hide in the shadows like a coward.

ultimolu3670d ago

...So we're judging a game based on screenshots and not the gameplay in motion?

Are you serious?

What matters to me is that the graphics aren't destroying my eyes and the gameplay is great.

Arsenic133670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Did i not state the graphics wont change the gameplay? The gameplay is great, the graphical differences are minor but still noticeable, but still wont affect gameplay at all.

ultimolu3670d ago

You sure didn't make it sound minor because you were passing your opinion as fact.

HighDefinition3670d ago

Is the DEMO up on the JP PSN store?

Arsenic133670d ago

So looking at those pics you say the PS3 looks better? There isnt less shading? Your eyes are adding shading where its no existent? Just look, no opinion is stated when it clearly shows that there are things missing.

HighDefinition3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Ultimolu just completely ruined your little moment.

ultimolu3670d ago

Arsenic, you just proved my point. You passed your opinion as fact when the game clearly looks great on both consoles. I don't see why we need closeups of skulls and facials. I mean, aren't we blowing off heads in this game either way?

Why do these closeups matter so much? C'mon now.

Arsenic133670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

And how would that be? Stating that I think the minor difference will destroy the game when I clearly do not? Im just asking him about the obvious shading differences, how is the lack of them an opinion?

Im not saying that the graphics blow on the PS3 but there are obvious differences and your feeling like i hurt you physically. The game looks great on both places but there are subtle differences that i pointed out, it may be significant to me and not you but I can still make them apparent since its a comparison discussion.

3670d ago
ultimolu3670d ago

Lmfao, are you serious?! You posted a whole bunch of links comparing VERY minor details. Oh, the skull looks blurry on the PS3 version. And then you go on by saying oh, if this picture doesn't show the 360 version is better, you're blind.

You passed all of that as fact, once again.

CommonSense3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

i have no idea which version was which, but i liked the one you don't mouse over better. but i only looked at a few pictures in each category. either way, i can't wait til this game is released. i've been looking forward to it for years.

Arsenic133670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Its a graphical comparison news post. Did you honestly expect not to see ppl comparing the details no matter how minor? I may of written the "your blind" thing in bad taste but its very apparent that things are missing and that cant possibly be opinion if you look.

@ below And yet you do nothing to aid either argument. Instigate all you want.

If these comparisons bother you, why even click the article? You set yourself up to something that obviously angers you. Just dont look up things that bother you.

And im spent.

3670d ago
ultimolu3670d ago

Aresenic, do I *look* stupid to you? I graduated from college with a major in English and a minor in Classical Studies but that doesn't mean I don't have a degree of common sense. When the videos were shown here, it was obvious that *both* versions looked the same. Nobody was doing retarded comparisons on how the skulls looked blurry on the PS3 version and the skulls looked sharper on the 360 version.

Why do we need these closeup comparisons? Isn't enough that both versions will play the same and will look the same?

It was fun comparing back when GTAIV came out but now, it's ridiculous.

And you're feeding the ridiculousness of the whole damn thing.

iamtehpwn3670d ago

they still look the same to me.

candystop3670d ago

Good 1st post Arsenic but honestly it just isn't worth bringing up. Both look fine and we should just leave it at that. Also this has nothing to do with KZ2, and if you were smart you would quit trying to jinx the game by praising it before release.

HighDefinition3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Nobody needs to wait for Killzone2 to be released.

1 screenshot shows, it`s better looking than ANYTHING the 360 has to offer and by a VERY large margin.

MrWonderful3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

i stopped reading at " it is common knowledge that the 30 has a sharper output than the ps3." hell even gametrailers did a good comparison of the game.

Aclay3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

@ candystop,

Yeah, Killzone 2 has nothing to do with Resident Evil 5, but the FACT is that KZ2 looks better than anything on the 360 and it stomps all over RE5.

I could care less about Multiplatform comparisons between the PS3 and 360 because it's obvious the PS3 is capable of more graphically and Killzone 2 proves it. As long as the PS3 version of a multiplatform game looks good, it's all that matters to me.

jackdoe3670d ago

The blur is due to Quincux AA otherwise the textures are the same. The blur just makes it harder to tell some of the finer details. However, the lack of self shadowing is disappointing and will hopefully get fixed for the retail release. If not, shame on Capcom.

Danja3670d ago

have some pity with him, they still feel the need to justify there 360 purchase by bragging that they have better looking version of a multi-plat games since they're exclusives games looks as dated now..

they dont wanna mention KZ2 because they can't name a game on the 360 that can compete graphically...

and RE:5 looks the same on both consoles from the video Gametrailers did .

ErcsYou3670d ago


"In summary, at this time, it appears that the Xbox 360 version is a few builds ahead of the Playstation 3. We look forward to revisiting the results when the games are released at retail and finished. For now, treat the results as temporary."

candystop3670d ago

I leave to come back to this crap lol. Guys and gals it's KZ2 for crying out loud made by gg that will suck because it's the exact same freaking game as the 1st. Visually it looks impressive but no light years ahead of Gears2 or even RE5. I'm going to bust out laughing when this game flops and watch as all of you clowns try and deny any of your silly comments. I have absolutely no faith in GG and honestly don't think KZ2 is going to live up to the hype. Anybody could focus on making a pretty game but that's going to turn out to be nothing more than eye candy as we will see in KZ2. This is to freaking funny to the point where 360 fans are not going to let this go once the truth comes out the game sucks.

power of Green 3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I could have told you guy this days ago :O wait I did and was punished by rabid PS3 fans lol.

Love my New HP touchSmart IQ PC, seen all the differences days ago on it, with the first comparison. Wonder what KillZone 2 would look like on the 360.

Maybe Sony won't lie about the PS4's capabilities, fat-chance.


""power of Green - 10 days 2 hours ago

Ignore4 -
On my new hp touchsmart 504 IQ the 360 verison clearly has superior contrast, color and textures. The 360 version is sharper, 27-28 seconds in the 360 version has graphical effects missing in the PS3 version period, no amount of attacks will change that.

I'v noticed there is alot of anti MSFT news post on this site now that are simply not true.


EDIT: Don't cry you have to pause it to see the what Im talking about or it could be your inferior PCs nothing you'll be seeing in action lol.

Don't pay attention to the dissagrees and attacks I get or the claims that the devs got both the exactly the same they are not.

Fox news N4G's is/\.""

Check out the attacks for just voicing opinion on this site WoW!

That *Tordavis kid* attacked me for saying what my eyes seen lol.

LeonSKennedy4Life3670d ago

Power of Green - I gotta hand it to ya, man. You're crazy enough to think that Killzone 2 is possible on the 360? You got extra drunk today, didn't you?

voodoo3413670d ago

"Another thing you should note is that these shots were taken through component video output on both consoles"

that statement makes the whole article rubbish and a waste of time.

mykrlz1823670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Wow you really are a moron looks like someone wasted time and money on a college education! Did you even read the article? He clearly states that this comparison is for those people that have both systems and need help deciding which version to get . I for one found it very useful because I want the better version. You fanboys are just thick headed. It looks obvious to me the 360 version looks better (not bad for an old outdated system -sarcasm). So know all of a sudden graphics don't matter, "it's all about how the game plays" give me a break. What a cop out, you guys are pathetic! Then you have people saying things like, "I don't care about multiplatform games I just care about how good Killzone 2 is going to look.". First of all you should care because wether you want to admit it to yourself or not Exclusives are pretty hard to come by these days. Especially for Sony, second all you talk about are games that aren't even out yet and how this is going to be the game that's going to blow the 360 out of the water. Give it up already just buy both sytems and find out for yourself which is better. Don't get me wrong I love my Ps3 I use all the time to watch blurays, but for gaming I'll stick to my 360.

HDgamer3670d ago

You know fanboys only judge by the screenshots and graphics but not the gameplay itself.

ultimolu3670d ago

So basically what you're saying is that we should judge games by screenshots rather than gameplay.

You play games on your 360 and watch bluray movies on your PS3. I'll use the PS3 as my media center. I play games AND movies.

I know for a fact the PS3 version looks the same as the 360 version and nothing will change my mind. We have passed the era where games look different on both consoles.

ProperFunked3670d ago

its almost like its getting hard to trust game developers to keep their integrity when it comes to making multiplatform games. You look at the slight image quality and think "is this how it REALLY LOOKS or did the Devs or someone else purposely make one version look slightly worse then the other?"(perhaps influenced by money) then again i hate comparison videos altogether cuz it just fans the flames and these seriously need to stop being produced. Just let us play in peace, FFS

360 man3670d ago

so now it seems that ultimolu will now add shading and better textures to the places in the ps3 version were there werent any.

please stop being a fangirl, this comment here

"I know for a fact the PS3 version looks the same as the 360 version and nothing will change my mind. We have passed the era where games look different on both consoles."

just makes you look foolish

techie3670d ago

PS3 shots were taken using Component, not HDMI, hence the slight blur. Also could be the QAA.

prowiew3670d ago

Seems like the 360 have a little edge over the ps3. Nice comparison by the way. Lots of pictures.

Karum3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

How can you call other people a moron when you come off with idiotic statements such as "Sony are finding exclusives hard to come by"??? I assume you're either ignorant or in denial in regards to the slew of PS3 exclusives due out next year compared to that of MS who haven't announced very much in the way of exclusives.

Also, the game looks pretty much the same if you're just watching it and not zooming into portions of the video, analysing it to death.

What you SHOULD be taking into consideration for buying the "better" version is whether or not you're going to prefer any online portions of the game more on LIVE or on PSN and whether or not you prefer achievements or trophies. Those are the real factors to take into consideration when buying multi-platform games these days because visually and mechanically they are virtually identical.

I would even go as far as to submit to you that there are no "better" versions of multi-play games in the visual or mechanical sense. The only differences as mentioned before are which online service you want to play co-op or w/e on, which rewards system you prefer and even if you care about exclusive DLC when it comes to multi-plats.

Now you may own both consoles but you really did just come off as some kind of retarded and rabid fanboy. Now I don't mean to insult with this post but if it did hit a nerve then maybe you need to have a think about whether or not your opinions are actually rational.

And yes, one of those diagrees came from me.

callahan093670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Both versions look gorgeous. It's a much bigger improvement over the visuals from Biohazard (Resident Evil) 4 than the last batch of shots I saw a few months back. It's shaping up nicely.

Some of the coloring is brighter and more vibrant on the PS3 version, while some of the textures look sharper on the 360 version. The lighting looks better in more of those screens on the 360 version, but some of the PS3 version shots have better lighting and shading effects too. I'd say that both versions have a fair number of screens that looked better than the other version, but the 360 probably had a few more better shots than the PS3 had. All in all, the differences between versions is very minimal, even in matched still shots. In motion, nobody will see a difference.

The real issue in terms of quality of one version over the other will be screen tearing vs. frame-rate drop. The PS3 version is said to have more frame-rate drops and the 360 version is said to have more screen tearing. Both can take a gamer out of the world of the game and back to the reality that you're just playing with code and polygons. I wonder which is more of a problem to their respective version? All in all I'd say that the benefits and issues with each version are damn close to equal and that either version is just as good of a purchasing choice as the other... Personally, the graphic and animation differences aren't weighted to the favor of either console enough for that to influence my decision. Even if the 360 version turns out 1 or 2 percent better looking than the PS3 version, while I'm playing the PS3 version I'll never know the difference, the game will still be looking great and I'll have no doubts that I'm playing the same game as owners of the 360 version.

The reasons I will be getting the PS3 version really comes down to the controller and the trophy system. I am much more addicted to trophies than achievements. After seeing my achievement gamerscore reach over 15,000 I just don't get any satisfaction from seeing that already high number reach any higher... but I'm still addicted to trophy-hunting. I guess I like the system better, that's all. Rather than just seeing an arbitrary number that keeps growing to unfathomable heights, I like to be able to see an exact number of each bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophy that I've earned, and to increase my Trophy Level. So, I'm more interested in increasing those trophy numbers and my trophy level than getting a few hundred more measly gamerscore points tacked on to my 15,000.

And the controller is more important than the minute graphical differences because I've played every single Resident Evil game with a Dual Shock controller, and it's just what I feel comfortable doing with Resident Evil 5 all other things considered.

In summary, both versions of this game are shaping up awesomely and I can't wait to give it a go.

MNicholas3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

the 360 version looks much better.

Having said that, given the exceptional visual quality (incredible textures, shaders, polygon counts, lighting, etc with very solid frame-rates) of games like Uncharted, MGS4, etc., such a poor effort in creating the PS3 version is inexcusable. The old "we're trying to figure it out" is no longer valid. If people are paying $60 they deserve better than a rushed port. Shame on the developer for short-changing customers.

360 man3670d ago

you have to keep it smaller man

u cant expect people to plow through all that text

thats like a freakin essay

gaffyh3670d ago

1. It's a DEMO
2. You are only going to play one version of the game, so why the f*** do you care if it looks different on the other platform?

thewhoopimen3669d ago

As the article points, xbox fanboys, the ps3 build is older and lacks some of the shaders and shadowing that the 360 build has. Let's reserve judgement until the final build comes out b4 you guys start pointing your pea shooters at the opposition.

@POG - If kz2 could be done on the 360, it would have come out by now. Afterall, the 360 did come out a YEAR earlier. where's 360's KZ2? Ninja blade? Don't think so.

locos853669d ago

To me it looks like the PS3 version hasn't gone through touch ups yet. There are bulidings without ridges and damage like the 360 version. And the clothing doesnt have the textures yet. I think this comparison shows the 360 version looks better but I don't believe the final build will have this much difference between both versions.

gambare3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

mm..... I saw both demos, and that "blurry" is fault of the ingame motion blur, remember the "blurry" in DMC4?

"An issue with the Xbox 360 version is the screen tearing. It rears its ugly head quite often on the Xbox 360."

"I haven't seen any screen tearing on the Playstation 3, but I have noticed more framerate dips on it compared to the couple of times it hits the 360. I assume that the Playstation 3 has v-sync enabled by default, thus rather than tearing the screen, you'll get frame drops."

"Another shot shows the lack of dust that kicks up on the 360 version from the majini."

and both versions got their pros and cons

"Here is another shot showing the lack of self shadowing on the Playstation 3. Note Sheva's headset, and hair."

did someone notice that the shadows on shevas are on but on the other char got shades on the PS3 version? looks like there are faults on both versions

JHUX3669d ago

"hp touchsmart 504 IQ" haha wow you have got to be kidding... thats not even that great of a computer..Pretty much anyone could build a computer to stomp all over that one, for less money, minus the touch screen.

then all these people "I can clearly see which version is better", actually no you cant! haha it really amazes me how idiotic people are here.

1) Only a fanboy will start pulling out differences out of his ass, and claim his version is superior. Real gamers will notice no difference, as there isn't.
2) Comparison videos are old, and not worth anything, considering multiplats now are all going to be the same pretty much.
3)This is a demo.
4)It's not in HD.

Good day.

tordavis3669d ago

I don't care what anyone in this thread says. I've played RE5 at E3, I've seen it running on both systems on HUGE HD monitors and YOU CAN NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

BardockS30Z3669d ago

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo CARES?!

Saint Sony3669d ago

Why do people have to bring Killzone 2 to every damn article?

Of course Killzone 2 looks better... you cannot compare it to 360 version, now can you?... 360 version might be just a bit better....*FAINTS*

PS3 barely has any smoke or dust... and some say PS3 smoke volume is better... er... ok.

Tapewurm3669d ago

COMPONENT CABLES AND a good HD TV = CRAP images, when compared to what you see when you run a game or Bluray movie with HDMI. I promise you the image will look night and day. The problem you have here is that not all 360's have the HDMI out. So get both demos up and running on systems that support HDMI and then take your screen shots. This entire thread of comments is pointless :)

d3l33t3669d ago

You must be joking. I played all three versions and the Wii one takes the cake n00bs!

supaflypriest13669d ago

"1.3 - In all fairness though, Killzone2 stomps all over RE5.
and its textures."

But who is talking about Killzone 2?? I thought we were comparing RE5???

Bubble Buddy3669d ago

Vodoo - Bubbles. You should have had the first comment.

Bob Dole3664d ago

Geez, you guys need to chill. Wait till the full version of the game comes out then compare. You know what's even better than comparing though??? PLAYING THE EFFING GAME! Bob Dole could give two sh1ts about which version has better textures and what not. He cares how beautiful it looks when a zombie's head explodes from the shotgun round he just plugged into that b1tch... and it will look beautiful on both consoles.

JeffGUNZ3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

First off, the game isn't even out yet. Stop comparing it. Unless the title of the article says "Killzone 2" in it somewhere, then leave it out of the discussion. Once it comes out and you play through the whole game, then you can discuss it's graphics. Killzone 2 will sure look nice, but it will flop with this much hype, mainly because sony is AWFUL at advertising. Stop saying KZ2 will stomp RE5 when the f'n game isn't even out yet. God. I have never met any of you fanboys who can admit their system is not perfect.

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Carbide73670d ago

Beautiful game on both consoles, the character models are what stand out for me especially, probably the best looking multiplatform game for '09

IcarusOne3670d ago

This game looks gorgeous. And this comparison was fantastic. Normally I skip over these things because they seem like pointless drivel. But these stills are top notch. And f*cking beautiful.

I have to say, I'm surprised to see the 360 version looking so much...fuller. This franchise was born and raised on the Playstation and I thought it would look better on the PS3. I know it's an early build, but the difference between the two is certainly noticeable. And kinda staggering in my opinion.

Any one know when these demos hit in the US?

3670d ago
DeadIIIRed3670d ago

Great comparison. I just bought a used 360 so I thought I wouldn't care which one looked better. Still though I'm upset that the 360 version looks like it received special attention to detail. I don't know if the graphics merit the 360 version or if tradition merits the PS3. I'm torn.

thewhoopimen3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Right.... the kz2 that should have, would have, could have come out on the 360 this year but didn't. Does that mean the 360 devs suck, are lazy, or can't pull it off on a hardware that had a year's headstart?

Dream on. why do you think MS with all that money hasn't gotten a single first party dev to come up with something better than halo3? Why is it that, EPic and Capcom lead over MS 1st party studios? The 60 mil thrown into Kz2 is a drop in the bucket for MS. Dev money is clearly a non-issue. The way I look at it, the moment a 3rd party > 1st party in quality on a console, then you know the hardware is tapped out, plain and simple.

1st party titles showcase a console's ability. 3rd party should almost always be struggling to catch up to 1st party on the latest coding tricks, tapping the hardware, etc.

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Bloodshedder3670d ago

where is the demo i want to download it on the ps3

Carbide73670d ago

Here you go
"Meanwhile, the Playstation 3 version was released (on disc only) on December 18th. It was only available to new buyers of the Playstation 3 from the 18th onward."

Bloodshedder3670d ago

fck... the game looks like R4 that sucked arss it isnt a resident evil...

locos853669d ago

R4 was one of the best in the series. What u smokin???

Ninja-Sama3670d ago

Which store? Tell me plz!

Carbide73670d ago

"......the Playstation 3 version was released (on disc only) on December 18th. It was only available to new buyers of the Playstation 3 from the 18th onward."