20 Years Ago, Metroid Prime Brought Samus Into the Future

It's been two decades since Metroid Prime first launched and it still holds up fantastically well.

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ShwaaMan469d ago

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I bought this for my GameCube! My best friend and I ordered pizza for delivery, it was snowing outside and we stayed in all weekend playing it. Still one of my all time favorite games and I really hope the Switch ports being rumored is true. Fantastic game, one for the ages🙂


Metroid Prime's Scanner Is The Original Detective Mode

Metroid Prime is a detective game at heart, and the Scan Visor is Samus' trusty magnifying glass.

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Lighter9382d ago

Wouldn't the X-ray Scanner in Super Metroid be the original detective mode?


Ranking the Metroid Games From Worst To Best

With the recent release of Dread, it's time to look back on the history of Metroid and rank the best — and the worst.

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HeliosHex652d ago

If i could only pick one I'd go with super metroid.

darthv72652d ago

Best (for me) would be the first Metroid Prime. It was simply amazing the first time i played it. so deep and challenging while also turning the series completely into something that felt new and fresh.

Worst (for me) is most likely Other M. I can appreciate what they were trying to go for but it just felt flat and played out.

Looking at the rest of the list, I never played Federation Force but i have played the rest. Pinball is still one of my favorites to play now and then.


Metroid 64 is a fan-made N64 game that looks exactly like you’d expect

GF365: "Metroid had a little vacation with the arrival of the Nintendo 64. Prior to the N64, it came out on SNES in 1994 in the form of Super Metroid, and then came out on GameCube as Metroid Prime in 2002. Almost 20 years after the release of Metroid Prime, a Mexican developer and N64 fanatic has taken on the task of creating an N64 version of Metroid. This 3D Metroidvania is called Metroid 64 and sees Samus with the classic graphics of this fifth-generation console."

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XiNatsuDragnel663d ago

I hope this game gets released and he's working at Nintendo asap

gamefreaks365662d ago

They definitely should hire him!

CobraKai662d ago

It’s a shame that they’d rather just shut him down rather than fund and sell the game.

MrChow666662d ago

Very cool but it needs more fog lol jk

Outlawzz662d ago

Wow this looks better than other m lol

ApocalypseShadow662d ago

Not bad. With a little more work, I could have seen this as an actual release.

It's cool when the fans school the professionals on the possibilities.

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