Nintendo sent Retro new Samus grunts for Prime when placeholders were "too sexual"

"In recent months, YouTube channel Kiwi Talks has been interviewing former members of the Metroid Prime development staff at Retro Studios. We previously covered his interview with Lead Designer Mike Wikan, which included a look at how Nintendo oversaw plot changes. Kiwi Talks released another interview over the weekend, this time with Clark Wen, who served as Audio Director on Metroid Prime 1 and 2. There’s lots of good behind-the-scenes info, especially if you’re passionate about audio design. Most interestingly, Wen discusses the mystery of Samus’s voice actress and Nintendo’s concern over placeholder grunts being too sexual." - Nintendo Enthusiast

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HeliosHex514d ago

Lol Nintendo has a better chance at shutting down rom sites than trying to limit the sexualization of samus.

ikarodemon514d ago

Sexualized characters are the best. Gimme more!

annoyedgamer514d ago

The industry is going to have to crash to stop this advancing plague.

LucasRuinedChildhood513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

This is something that happened around 20 years ago. lol. This isn't about Metroid Prime 4.

Tacoboto513d ago

He didn't even make it through the description that's right below the headline here. Just wait until this kid learns who Jack Thompson was...

neomahi513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Youre kidding me, right? Nintendos one of the most perverted companies in the world playing it all off as Disney. The Japanese are obssessed with little girls and panty shots. Bayonetta, ONLY on Nintendo now. Dont let Nintendo fool you, theyre perverts.

Also, remember the original NES game, the higher the difficulty, the more naked she was at the end of the game til she was in a bikini at the end, and Samus always had big boobs.

specialguest513d ago

Obsessed with little girls and panty shots? Maybe you should talk to a real Japanese person before generalizing. Things like that are a niche market. The average Japanese guy doesn't even care for hentai which is also a niche thing for people with twisted abnormal perversions