Why Sega Saturn Should Be Sega's Next Mini-Console

DualShockers Writes "Ah, 1995. A time when Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise” was all over the radio, flat discs of memory called CDs went mainstream, and former 49ers running back O.J. Simpson, “Juice”, was famously acquitted of murder. Wild times. The gaming world was going through quite a sea change itself, because the first truly 3D console generation was upon us."

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darthv72193d ago

Saturn or Dreamcast... either is fine with me. Or better yet, how about both?

autobotdan193d ago

Panzer Dragooon Saga, X-men vs Street Fighter, Macross Do You Remember Love. Include these 3 essential Saturn Gems and I am pre-ordering

babadivad193d ago

Xmen vs Street fighter is the best crossover game outside of MvC 2.

anubusgold192d ago

MVC2 was on dreamcast and one game was on saturn can think of which.

shinoff2183192d ago

Lunar wants to say hi to this list. I think thats the best the saturn had. I remember playing the saturn when I was 11 12 years old or so I never played alot of what it offered though

autobotdan192d ago

Lunar games did not release on the Sega Genesis mini 2 for the united states so those surely will not release for a Sega Saturn mini here. Macross Do You Remember Love has a great chance of releasing in United States due to recent 2022 Harmony Gold & big west agreements. Classic Sega Saturn Macross game has as good a chance as Ninja Warriors did on Sega Genesis mini 2

anubusgold192d ago

I want fighters mega mix and The last bronx.

autobotdan192d ago

I have the American version of the Last Bronx. I heard the Japanese one had alot of extra stuff missing in the american version

babadivad191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I guess I'll just keep using the Saturn emulator on the Series X until Sega decides that they want my money so I can give it to them.

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TheEnigma313193d ago

We need a 3DO mini so we can play those classic GOATed lost gems zelda trilogy

TheEnigma313193d ago

lol lol awww man. So many terrible console in that time frame. The CDi, 3DO, and, Apple Pipin lol.

darthv72193d ago

I know a guy in a fb group who made one out of a pi mini. Complete with 3d printed case and everything. Looks frigging sweet.

SegaSaturn669193d ago

Sega Saturn is literally Jesus Christ.