Tekken Characters Who Have Immortalized The Franchise

Tekken's enduring popularity is owed in part to its varied and well-written cast of characters, and the lore behind them really brings them to life.

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Terry_B72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Basically all Tekken 1 standard characters except Michelle, + boss Heihachi Mishima and maybe Kuma. Also Lei and Jun from Tekken 2, Hwoarang, Eddy,Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Mokujin, Jin- from Tekken 3. After that they added many more great characters but none of them used to be as fun and interesting as the fleshed out initial ones from the first 3 games. Tekken 7 was really weak when it came to new characters.

And to be honest..that "article" that does not even have Yoshimitsu in it looks like a cheap excuse to have the keyword Tekken 8 on the website.

Santouryuu72d ago

Even though Tekken 4 is, for me, the lowest ranking main line game. It introduced Steve Fox which is my favorite fighter and also Marduk was added which has a great design and ok backstory. Tekken 5 added Dragunov. Another good charachter, gameplay wise, I am not to aware of his backstory. Asuka whom was added in 5 too helped expand the lore. Tekken 6 introduced Alisa and Miguel, I find them visually pretty interesting, again not sure of their backstories. The guest characters from Tekken 7, were more like cheating fighters, I am not fond of them tbh. But I love the design of Leroy Smith and Fahkumram, also both pretty OP on launch.

DeathTouch72d ago

From the new guests, Lydia is my favorite overall.