Pentiment Wouldn't Exist If Not For Game Pass, Director Confirms

Josh Sawyer, Game Director for the recently released narrative mystery game, Pentiment, confirmed that the title would likely have never even been made if not for the existence of Xbox's Game Pass service.

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Jin_Sakai586d ago

Yea it’s beginning to really show at this point. {Insert game here} wouldn’t exist if not for Game Pass.

Lifexline586d ago

Lol it really bothers you huh

Maybe that is actually how he feels.

gangsta_red586d ago

Yeah, yeah, we know, any type of statements made in favor of MS and GP is PR talk or paid for...really getting tiring hearing this in every similar article here.

Maybe it's actually true, think about it. You really think a game looking like this from Obsidian would have been made if not for a guaranteed audience to play it?

If Obsidian wasn't owned by MS and released a game that looked like this, all you would hear from the net (especially here on this site) is, "Where's New Vegas!?", "No one asked for this!" "I'm not paying for that!".

But because of game pass, they're able to continue making smaller games that so far have been a hit, Grounded and now this.

585d ago
Godmars290585d ago


The point here is that a 3rd party is utilizing GP versus an in house MS studio.

If I'm wrong on this and it is in house, something MS commissioned, then great. This is a good thing for MS and GP. Otherwise this is just random and you should be asking why MS is backing things like this.

If Mario, Zelda God Of War scores 9s and 10s, Nintendo and Sony had a hand in that. That's them continuing successful franchises.

If some random 3rd party gets a hit and praises GP for it, then that's MS catching a break though no actual effort on their part. May as well be talking about some barely known title on Steam.

Lightning77586d ago

Ragnarok is out go play one of the best games of the year instead of crap posting every Xbox article in sight. Obviously this game would gotten lost in the shuffle with Gow and COD on everyone's minds. Gamepass just gave the game exposure.

I don't care about this game at all personally but this crap posting is getting real bold real fast.

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agnosticgamer585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

Right. Because you know more than Josh Sawyer. His reasons if you actually read the article are on point. You cannot possibly know more about a game and decisions behind creating the game… Than the director of the game.

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sparky77586d ago

It's thanks to Game Pass why Xbox has the most diverse line up in the industry.

Sims (flight sim), FPS (Halo), TPS (Gears), 3rd person adventure (Hellblade), WRPGs (Bethesda), 3D platformers (Psychonauts), 2D platformers (Ori), arcade racers (Horizon), sim racers (Motorsports), interactive stories (Pentiment), survival (Grounded), immersive sims (Arkane), RTS (AoE).

No one else comes close.

-Foxtrot586d ago

Funny how the ones not really under Microsoft (before they got bought anyway) are better than the core franchises Microsoft have had for years

Says it all really

Thanks to Gamepass? Or money?

Crows90586d ago

We all know the answer to that. Money gets you stuff..funny though it takes it away from others and this by the guys that claim to want everything accessible to as most people possible.

Petebloodyonion585d ago

And what did MS take away?
Last I checked Bethesda games, Psychonauts, and Helblade are still on other consoles.

lodossrage585d ago


Each of those games were already slated per contract to be on Playstation BEFORE MS bought them.

Is Hellblade 2 going to be on Playstation? is Elder Scroll 6? is Starfield?

GamesAsAService585d ago

Is that not one reason a company buys another? If you have weaknesses, but lots of money, you can pay to become more compelling by purchasing companies that can serve to make your offering more compelling.

What? Is the expectation that Microsoft should just sit on their hands with a lacklustre lineup of games and franchises and then eventually fade into oblivion? Should they sit idly?

Sometimes I am just confused in terms of what you actually expected them to do.

If you play video games, you want there to be more video games that you will enjoy to play. If a company is continually not making games you want to play, then if they start changing their strategy and diversifying what they put out, eventually they might make something you want to play. It's a numbers game.

Petebloodyonion585d ago

Was there a Helblade 2 announced before the acquisition. Was Hellblade a massive franchise?
Ppl always mentioned Starfield but was this an established IP?

should I blame Sony if they make Sunset overdrive2 PlayStation exclusive when the initial was a flop?

lodossrage585d ago


Regardless of whether Hellblade 2 was announced or not, that sure as hell would have been multiplatform, just like the first one was.

And as for Starfield, it doesn't have to be established. It was going to be multiplatform and now it's not since the buyout. Period.

Games being established was never the question. The issue was things being taken away. I can't remember the last time Bethesda made a game that was exclusive before the buyout.

Ok, Sony actually helped fund Shenmue 3. It wouldn't have been made otherwise. Are you going to tell me Starfield wasn't going to happen if Microsoft hadn't came along?

And last I remember, Sony isn't making a new Sunset Overdrive. IF they do so, THEN I'll entertain that question.

You're trying to conflate your personal hypothetical with reality

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andy85586d ago

This is a massive reach. PS has all those genres and more apart from a flight sim and that's not really a game

BrainSyphoned586d ago

No one comes closer to having old dead IP like Konami does than Xbox, very astute of you.

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Aloymetal586d ago

''It's thanks to Game Pass why Xbox has the most diverse line up in the industry.''

tay8701586d ago

lol sony absolutely trounces xbox in game quality, its not even close. yes there are alot of indie type that are getting brought to the forefront thank s to gamepass, but you have to also take into account the decrease in AAA games thanks to ganepass as well.

ChasterMies585d ago

I played the first Hellblade on PS4. No Game Pass needed. I can also play Psychonaughts on PS5. Halo Infinite multiplayer is free on PC and Xbox. No Game Pass needed. Horizon built its fan base pre-Game Pass.

How is this lineup “thanks to Game Pass”?

Terry_B585d ago

Lol, even the Switch has a similar..if not bigger diverse lineup.

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Inverno586d ago

So in other words MS is holding back it's developers, and they would never think to make something less risky and less expensive if not for a subscription service. That's sad

gangsta_red586d ago

It just isn't MS, it's the industry. It's why Sony abandoned JRPG's and Japanese niche games , it's why EA continues to put out Battlefields and Maddens, it's why Ubi gives us a new Assassin Creed every other month. There's very little wiggle room to create new IP's in today's market, even less room for developers to make smaller games against well known huge IP's on the market.

Eonjay586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

That's not true. Sony also gave us Astrobot, Dreams, Concrete Genie, entire AAA VR games, Demon Souls, Death Stranding. And took huge risks with their established IP like God of War. New, riskier, and niche experiences and all without needing a subsidized subscription to make it happen. Microsoft isn't in the same league when it comes to risk taking.

andy85586d ago

What the guy above said. And there's plenty of new IPs on the horizon. And I'm not sure what the JRPG comment is about. I think I've played more of them in the last 2 years than I ever have

gangsta_red586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

It's very true, where are all of Sony's JRPGs they used to pump out from their PS/PS2 days? Where are the niche games from Sony Japan Studio? Naming one or two games over many years doesn't invalidate my point.

Entire AAA VR games, from where, Sony? They basically abandoned the PSVR and left it to other companies to make and Sony even closed down a few of their own studios that were dedicated to making them VR games. Huge risk for God of War?? How? By taking an established, extremely popular IP and giving it the same old Sony, over the shoulder, third person, cinematic emotional, single player experience?

Meanwhile Obsidian is making Grounded, Pentiment, Outer World's 2 and Avowed, smaller games and big budget triple A titles and all because they have the comfort of a subsidized service.

"Microsoft isn't in the same league when it comes to risk taking"

MS has taken far more risks compared to Sony. Sony has played it extremely safe, especially this gen so far.

tay8701586d ago

yah Horizon, ghost of tsushima, returnal, death stranding, dayz gone say hello. dony takes quite a few risks asctually.