Is the Witcher 3 the New Skyrim?

Justin van Huyssteen from NoobFeed writes - Bethesda and CD Projekt RED are not all that different. They both had a hit the likes of which has never been seen before or since at either company, and both companies want to recapture that as much as possible because it makes good business sense to do so. The Witcher 3 will release a new, updated version on current-gen consoles, but how similar is this to what Bethesda does with Skyrim?

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Terry_B79d ago

Its pretty different.

Remember that when Skyrim came to consoles, the ports were pretty bad, and they did not receive updates..even free ones for PS4 or Xbox One ..they were simple new ports that were also still miles away from the PC version.

Snookies1279d ago

PS3 Skyrim was horrific, haha... My brother's save data had a memory leak or something. So it kept growing in size. At one point it was almost 100 MB. And when he was actually in-game. It was running around 10 FPS tops because of it. Looked like a slideshow especially when snow was falling.

Terry_B79d ago

..oh the pretty "eternal winter" memories ;)

RaveTears79d ago

PS3 Skyrim save data is that big because I made up to 800 mb. I remember how this game kept crashing my PS3 every 30 to 1 hour and even corrupted my save data.

darthv7278d ago

360 skyrim didnt have those problems.

Father__Merrin78d ago

After patch my copy of skyrim ps3 was perfect still Remeber that launch window snowing outside 111111

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MrVux00078d ago

"they were simple new ports that were also still miles away from the PC version."

Miles away? For the vanilla versions?

From Digital Foundry: "... in virtually every regard, Bethesda has managed to bring the top-tier PC experience to the current generation of consoles and has indeed delivered the range of enhancements promised ..."

So unless you are talking about graphical mods, which is what Bethesda games are known for on PC that statement really needs more context.

Inverno79d ago

A free update compared to like 6 different re-releases of Skyrim is hardly the same. We got YouTubers making 3 hour long video essays about games and y'all here asking dumb questions.

Crows9079d ago

Considering there arent that many version I would say not similar at all.

MrPerfect81379d ago

Let me know when i can play the Witcher 3 on my Alexa...

on_line_forever79d ago

They have the same clunky gameplay & combat

ChubbyBlade78d ago

Thanks for sharing that you haven’t played them

lucian22978d ago

nah, witcher has pretty awful combat, all of them do. I still have one more dlc to beat but never am motivated because the gameplay is so bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.