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Joshua Limage of The Koalition writes: Some stories need to be told, some games need to be played, and It Takes Two is a combination of both. It was the game of the year in 2021 for a reason, and its impact is still growing as more and more people start to play it. Just when I thought the days of co-op couch play were long gone, this game became its savior. It seemed like I could no longer hand my friend a remote and play together.

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rbailey127d ago

A fantastic co-op game worth playing on any and every available platform.

47d ago
RPGer127d ago

Literally any Nintendo pro sites, if they want to applause for any Switch game they will say: great (x) portable game. X can be RPG, Action, Shooter etc. Nust say it is a great game that finally arrived on Switch.

47d ago
Venoxn4g126d ago

One of the best Coop games I have ever played..happy that Switch owners can play it

47d ago