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IGN : Masterpiece. Pentiment is a clever Medieval detective story with a gorgeously-realized world that I can hardly recommend highly enough.

sparky77580d ago

Holy crap I did not see a 10/10 from IGN coming at all, I fully expected 8 at best.

Guess MS's 2022 isn't so bad after all, GOW:R and Elden Ring better watch out since GOTY won't be so easy now lol.

crazyCoconuts580d ago

Yes, Sony and From, redirect all resources to side scrollers immediately!

Petebloodyonion580d ago

Kind of funny that when Microsoft makes a side scroller like ORI it's quickly established as an indy kind of level of game, but when Nintendo makes the exact same kind of game and calls it Metroid Dread then now it's real AAA game worthy of GOTY nomination.

Crows90580d ago

What are you smoking? Ori is incredible...never seen anyone deny that. When the first came out it was definitely my choice for gotyr.

This is a side scroller detective game. Could be fun but for me plague tale is an actual contender. And according to some I'm a huge PlayStation fanboy or some nonsense like that.

I'm using a 15 day gamepads ultimate trial right now so I'm going to be able to see what this game is all about. Playing moonscars right now though.

Army_of_Darkness579d ago

10/10!? Ughhh.. Say what you want, but this game looks leisurely monotonous. I need some type of action in a game, otherwise why not just read a book and avoid eye strain... a plague's tail Requiem looks vastly Superior if they're both going up for Game of the Year.

Lifexline580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Why would you presume what a game will get before you even played it? But not shocking it’s obsidian they make great games. The great thing is that it’s in game pass so I will check it out. Congrats MS it seems from now on great games will start coming out and the fruit of their acquisitions will bear fruit.

Jin_Sakai580d ago

Meanwhile GameSpot give it a 6/10. It’s one of those games that’s not for everyone.

Crows90580d ago

It's a side scroller detective game. If it's not for you then you shouldn't even attempt a review. It's like if I had to review a dish that contained eggplant..the one ingredient I can't stand. Kinda silly if i tried.

TheColbertinator579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Goes to show how reviews are based on opinion. My top played games for the last 3 years have been Paradox strategy games which are not enjoyed at all by most casual gamers

Imalwaysright580d ago

A game like this would never be in the running for GOTY not because it doesn't deserve it but because of the type of game that it is but aside from that, this is just another game that shows how truly great Obsidian is as a development studio and I can't wait to see what they'll be doing in the future with MS backing and funding starting with Avowed.

porkChop579d ago

I'm not saying whether Pentiment deserves GOTY or not, but people also said an indie would never be in the running for GOTY. Then came Telltale's The Walking Dead.

TGGJustin580d ago

Unlike Elden Ring and GOW, Pentiment isn't getting universal praise. Yes it got a 10 from IGN but it has an 87 average. That puts it in the same realm as a bunch of other games this year. Not close to the realm of Elden Ring and GOW

Babadook7579d ago (Edited 579d ago )


Just checked.
86 on metacritic. That’s impressive, but for context….
94 for ragnarok
And stray was 83.

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RaidenBlack580d ago

... keep faith in Obsidian, atleast.

Petebloodyonion580d ago

It's a small game so it doesn't count as a game.
Unless Nintendo or Sony makes that game, then we could talk about a GOTY potential.

GhostScholar580d ago

I have a switch, series x, and ps5, so I'm not a fan boys, but Sony folks talked like stray was a masterpiece. If pentiment was on ps5 everyone would be singing it's praises.

Flawlessmic579d ago

I dont remember anyone calling stray as masterpiece lol, it was far from it, it was a decent bite sized indie game to keep you occupied for a few hrs.

Pentiment i am looking forward to as its giving me disco Elysium vibes and the reviews are looking pretty good so once im done with GOWR this is next one my list.

Petebloodyonion579d ago

@ Flawlesslogic
Stray has been nominated for the video game of the year award

RedDevils579d ago

We get it you love MS. Don't need to cry about it over this article.

GhostScholar579d ago

I take it you don't read so well, so this will fly over your head too, but I have all 3 consoles and enjoy games on all three. That being said stray was absolutely raved about. It was a good game. However, had it been xb exclusive it would have been a laughing stock.

RedDevils578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

I take it you don't comprehend whom implied to, and I'm sorry. But it not you.

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Elda580d ago

Though the high score to me the game looks boring.

ManMarmalade580d ago

To each their own. I love these types of games.

crazyCoconuts580d ago

Me too. Great for handheld devices like steam deck or switch imo

Crows90580d ago

Do you have any other recommendations for these types of games you love?

StarkR3ality580d ago

Some people say that about Sony and their 'Movie simulator's and most of their games sharing game design' (I have to be clear I love their games, but that is what some people say.)

We all like different things and that should be celebrated, not looked down on :)