5 Reasons Why Resident Evil 5 Should Be Remade

With the Resident Evil 4 Remake set to release in 2023, there still remain titles in the franchise open for Capcom to revisit.

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MadLad85d ago

The game still looks and plays pretty damn well on PC.
Can we stop pushing for needless remakes of games that aren't even old?

RaidenBlack84d ago

this ^^
Remake PS2/PS1 era games ...

Neonridr84d ago

5 and 6 I feel are pointless to be remade.

jBlakeeper84d ago

Not really. They both aren’t the best so they could both benefit from being remade. Especially 6.

TheEnigma31384d ago

6 is trash and a remake won't help that

Neonridr84d ago

I'm saying that 5 and 6 at least used somewhat more modern control schemes. The stories are the weakest of the entries. I'd rather them do Code Veronica after 4 and then put more effort into new titles.

jambola84d ago

there's plenty of resident evil games that would do better with this treatment than 5
I'm not saying don't remake it, just wait a while
don't do the naughty dog nonsense of remaking a relatively modern game

-Foxtrot84d ago

Take the 4.5 beta concept art which was pure single player, had zombies, more Jill, Barry, Tyrants, Merchants in the street, night time levels and so on then HELL YEAH

It would be a different and far better game

Star5184d ago

It's coming. Just a matter of when atp...could be the end of the current generation or on PS6

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The story is too old to be commented.