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CCG writes - "Overall, some lamentable technical issues aside. Star Ocean 6 has fun combat, and a competent story, and compared to my experience with Star Ocean 4, this game was well worth what I paid for it."

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SegaSaturn66985d ago

WOW CCG gave it over 90, the game must have jesus as a major character. Definitely gonna pick it up on that basis.

autobotdan85d ago

The game star ocean divine force just doesn't have anything too weirdly over religious plots like the atlus games

Dixiedevil85d ago

Not at all. It’s just a really good game. Huge, sweeping areas with diverse landscapes. Fun combat, tons of exploration, great characters and a really good story. Just finished it last week.

GethN785d ago

Actually, Dixiedevil pretty much said what was on my mind. Aside from some horrible optimization that seriously needs patched, it's actually a good game. As for your statement, I get the sarcasm, but CCG is fully capable of giving a game fair points for being competent as a game. it's why we have separate technical (or secular, if you like) and moral scores.

autobotdan85d ago

It's a great classic style jrpg game and it doesn't have over the top devil or demon summoner plots like Atlus rpgs. So this website likes it

GethN785d ago

Admittedly, the fact Star Ocean leans pretty hard into sci-fi did help the moral score, but we have rated Atlus RPGs highly on technical grounds, we are just obligated by our moral score standards to dock points for those themes because that's part of our review standard for the moral section. If you are not bothered by that, feel free to discard that part of the review if that does not concern you.

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