1UP: Exclusive Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Interview

Ten years ago, a small development team named Acquire released an unassuming ninja stealth game that drew favorable comparisons to fare like Metal Gear Solid. One sequel later, Acquire moved on to other projects while the Tenchu series fell into the hands of other development teams, which ended up muddying the franchise's continuity and quality with too many sequels. A decade later, Acquire's back at the helm of the series it created, and a reinvigorated Tenchu once again looks as a series to watch with the release of Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (a.k.a. Tenchu 4) in January for Wii. 1UP spoke with director Keisuke Kanayama and Acquire president Takuma Endo to sort out where the series has been -- and where it's going.

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