The Longest Cutscenes In PlayStation History

Cutscenes pull a game's story together, but sometimes they can be a bit much. These are the longest cutscenes in PlayStation games.

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Palitera76d ago

Kojima, Kojima and Kojima?
By far, the worst aspect of his games.

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CrimsonWing6976d ago

Man, it’s actually the aspects I look forward to the most in his games.

Phlacky76d ago

Not the most for me but I certainly appreciate his affinity for the cinematic. It's certainly one of the many reasons his games hit for a certain type of gamer and that combined with unique sometimes obtuse gameplay mechanics makes for one of a kind compelling experiences.

porkChop76d ago

It was only a problem for me with MGS4. I don't mind when long cutscenes are balanced with long gameplay sections. In MGS4 though I'd get a long cutscene, play for like 5 minutes, and then get another long cutscene. That gets annoying, though all the cutscenes were really well done.

roadkillers76d ago

Atleast they were entertaining cutscenes. Star Ocean put me to sleep

Shane Kim76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Same with recent Tales of Arise. Cutscene after cutscene.

TheEroica76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Sorry you got so many down votes for being so practical. No one in gaming takes advantage of our time more than Kojima. His cutscenes are our pure drivel and severely hamper the overall enjoyment of what's supposed to be an interactive medium. If the writing was good? Maybe that could be forgiven, but it's not... It's layers and layers of insanity pressed into hour long cutscenes.

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MrVux00076d ago

Let me guess ... MGS4 on the first place? :D

roadkillers76d ago

Star Ocean. Long and boring

Abnor_Mal76d ago

First thought was MGS4, seems like everyone so far had Kojima on the brain.

ManMarmalade76d ago

^^^^this. But Xenosaga is so good though.

MrNinosan76d ago

DualShockers didn't play Xenosaga I see.

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The story is too old to be commented.