15 Single Player Games with Breathtaking Graphics

GB: "No other medium of entertainment is capable of perfectly melding art and technology the way video games do, and though there are obviously several ways in which games go about doing that, one of the more blatantly visible ones that’s right there on the surface is, of course, their graphics. Here, we’re going to highlight a few single player games that have done just that in particularly noteworthy fashion."

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ShwaaMan96d ago

Yeah I mean, all of these should be on this list, and several more imo. Thank you for making this list, none of us thought these games were pretty until you said so.

isarai96d ago

Still feel like ND and R* have produced the best in game character models I've ever seen in a game, also including things like animation and physics.


25 Best PS5 Games You Should Play

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purple1013d ago

no.1 is Elden ring,

and there Is no ghost of tushima on the list,

I fear this man hasn't played ghost of Tsushima, hehe

purple1012d ago

ah your raise a fair point, - totally forgot, -


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The PC version of Forbidden West looks fantastic, runs brilliantly, and tells one of the more compelling action RPG stories I've yet played.

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GamerRN5d ago

I'm actually quite happy with the PS5 performance mode. Only slightly lowers the res, which I'm fine with.

andy855d ago

I played in the 120hz mode (was getting about 90-100). Baffles me how they got it looking that good when certainly other games are struggling with 30 fps.

raWfodog5d ago

I played it on PS5 performance mode as well. Easily one of the top best-looking games worlds. Beautiful, vibrant colors and details.

GamerRN5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The 120hz mode wasn't bad at all, but I like the in between mode best

InUrFoxHole4d ago

It's the devs man. Not all are equal. Yesterday I played Uncharted 4 and Gears 5. The amount of detail is so impressive in both those games. Some devs just know how to get more out of the hardware.

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andy855d ago

Still the best looking game I've played. Bet its truly stunning on PC in higher res.

Sonic18815d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The PC version is phenomenal!! But I decided to play it with the dualsense controller on PC and steam supports the controller!!

Sonic18814d ago

The best looking game by far. It even looks better than Hellblade 2

StormSnooper4d ago

Amazing game. All around. Great gameplay. Great world, great story, etc


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