MediaTek Announced as Official Sony Partner, Will Power PSVR2 With Custom SoC

MediaTek has announced during their 2022 summit that they are an official partner for Sony, powering their upcoming PSVR2 headset.

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Vits86d ago

Honestly, don't know what to take from this news. If it was a stand-alone device I would be both happy and worried. Happy because that would break Qualcomm's hold on the market and worried because of the support. But being an accessory that only works when plugged into a PS5 makes it sort of dry.

Neonridr86d ago

would it be even possible to allow the headset to work standalone (like a quest) using the onboard chip? Or perhaps wirelessly with the system?

Honestly I don't know why there would be a SoC for a device that is tethered to the console.

crazyCoconuts86d ago

It takes serious image processing on all the data coming from the cameras to determine where you are looking, moving, controller position, eye position, etc. All that compute is taking place on the headset to keep the burden off of the ps5. Maybe that's what the chip helps with

Neonridr86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

@crazyCoconuts - it's possible I guess. Although most of VR is just relaying X, Y, Z coordinates in real time. Maybe a chip helps offload that.

-EDIT having a look it seems the Oculus controllers have chips in each of them to help with positional data, it's possible that the SoC in the headset will help with that tracking and then relay it back to the system. Plus it doesn't have the processing box like the original PSVR did, so these SoCs can help with things like that as well.

DeadlyFire86d ago

Most devices actually have socs. Tethered or not.

S2Killinit86d ago

Honestly Im just excited to get my hands on one of these, i would have liked wireless but then I would have wondered what amount of performance was sacrificed to achieve it. And standalone would have been too expensive (and heavy) if it was to have anything remotely close to the performance levels of this PSVR2. Im just glad that Sony decided to compete with high end VRs this time.

Vits86d ago

Nothing to do with price or weight. It's a market decision, by building a standalone device they would have to allocate resources to manage and develop its library, store, etc. And would also go against the Meta Quest and the Pico line-up of devices. By making an accessory, they don't need to mind that.

Don't get me wrong I'm pretty happy that Sony is actually developing an interesting VR headset this time around. However, it's a shame that it will be limited to function with a PS5.

S2Killinit86d ago

There is no way price and weight did not factor in the decision. They would for me, thats for sure. Also, they have to do all of what you mentioned regardless of whether its standalone or not.

As long as they deliver the goods, and I think they did a good job with the original, then I dont really mind that its not standalone. If anything I personally prefer to have the best experience possible at a relatively good price point.

Vits86d ago

I don't think they even reached the point where that would be a consideration. Their market segment simply doesn't give them a reason to add components that wouldn't help the PS VR 2 in its accessory mission. Also, that is not true at all, the architecture of a standalone device is completely different, and the requirements to run one are also completely different. They wouldn't be able to pig back on their PS5 backend as much as they can with an accessory. Plus, we know from the current standalone affairs that they can be made lighter and reasonably cheap.

I don't really disagree with that, however, I also do find that is quite a shame that such a potentially interesting device will be tied to a piece of hardware that it should comfortably outlive.

porkChop86d ago

MediaTek's CPUs are generally pretty decent but the GPUs they use get completely blown away by other brands like Qualcomm. If the headset were standalone that would be bad news, but it isn't. The PS5 will still be rendering the game so this shouldn't be a problem.

purple10186d ago

They used to be poor. Now they have caught up. In the phone world at least.

kryteris86d ago

So, the cable is removable and in it's place a addon?

SullysCigar86d ago

The cable is removable, but only as a replacement in case your cable is damaged.

I guess this feature could serve other uses in the future, potentially, but that's certainly not officially hinted at right now.

boing186d ago

It's computing input from all cameras. That's a serious task. And it needs to be almost instant, with lowest latency possible. Mediatek is on a roll lately. Their latest mobile processors are excellent.

NotoriousWhiz86d ago

I'm just hoping that PSVR2 takes VR games to a new level. I would love to play a VR game that doesn't look like a PS2 game.

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