Spider-Man 3 Exclusive Content Web-bound

For PS3, it's pretty much what you'd expect. "Dazzling visuals, amazingly realistic lighting and shadows, and a gameplay experience that takes full advantage of next-gen platform power and technology." While the PSP has the dubious advantage of being "a fully streaming, complete conversion of the PlayStation 2 system game, not a port". Since when was a conversion not a port?

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Zaskark24900d ago

but what about the xbox 360 version will it have exclusive content too?

shadowxcore4900d ago

weird...they dont even mention the 360 version..

kamakazi4900d ago

no 360 love from spidey? that would be funny.

Peter Moore says4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

It's a columbia tri-star picture, meaning Sony ownes it, so guys i'm not gonna even bother fighting to get this game on our console, be happy with Gears and Lost Planet for another 5 months will yous, yous ungratefull batards!

marionz4899d ago

and even sony is smart enough to see licencing a game on 360 means money in their pocket! lots of money considering how well 360 games sell