Countdown has begun for the first Arabic Online Game

The second Closed Beta Test of Arabic Rappelz will be finished soon at 30 December 2008, and Open Beta Test is going to during the half of January 2009.
So finally the Dream will be real for the Arabic gamers who are yearning for playing with completely Arabic Online game.

Game Power 7, Arabic online games publisher, promised gamers in the Middle East and North Africa to bring them the most famous and beautiful Massively Multiplayer Online Games(MMOG). Moreover the games would be completely translated, culturalized, serviced and operated within the region.

The commercial release of Arabic Rappelz is expected to be launched at the beginning of February 2009.

About Game Power 7
Game Power 7 emerged as the first online gaming publisher in the MENA regions, promising to bring gamers in the Arab region the best MMO games.
Game Power 7 is a subsidiary of Weiss Investment, which operates a major regional media hub that is sensitive to the region's cultural values. Weiss Investment has been actively operating in the region for the past 20 years localizing and producing media contents targeting kids and youth, and broadcasting them through their own famous satellite TV channels.
Game Power 7 is based in Dubai, UAE.
For more information, please contact the General Manager, Mr.Fadi Mujahid.

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