Why the Genji crab really exists - the truth at last!

Ever wondered why Genji: Days Of The Blade features a giant crab marauding around its otherwise (reasonably) faithful to history feudal Japanese landscapes?

It's because Days Of The Blade's creator, Yoshiki Okamoto, is allergic to crabs. Quite. "Obviously no-one among us believes there were giant crabs in feudal Japan," said Okamoto via his translator. "But Okamoto-san is allergic to crabs and that's the reason why, if you find its weak point, you can kill it with one blow. It's Okamoto's way of defeating the crab he hates."

For more crab-based news bombshells, see the next issue of PSM3, out on February 15 - including why Okamoto admits the Genji team "might have given up a little bit of the gameplay"...

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ryanjtravis4263d ago

That's hilarious. Not a bad way to "strike back" at your fears :)

Syko4263d ago

I used to love that Pre-Launch Giant Crab smack on the PS3. That was down right hilarious. Ahhh the good old days, in the calm before the storm..

Jones Miller4263d ago

I don´t believe it one bit!

XisZ4263d ago

Well this definitely confirms my thoughts.
I was thinking a while back "Someone in the development crew has some sort of thing against crabs".

Now I know what it is, but however is it confirmed? what is Mr. Okomato's opinion on this?

Hayabusa 1174263d ago

Is that it? I'm disappointed. I expected more.

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