MoDojo: Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Review

MoDojo: "Each level gives you plenty of targets to shoot at, be it big-headed zombies or whatever enemies happen to be lurking about. You have access to a number of tools to help you push them back, including a flamethrower and shotgun with limited ammunition. Most of the time, however, you'll rely on a machine gun that you aim with the touch-screen. The dual-screen display works great, so you can see what enemies and explosive barrels lie ahead. You can also dodge and push back enemies using the touch-screen or the d-pad.

The level design in Zombie BBQ is off the charts. One minute you're in a calm village, the next you're raising hell (literally) in a toy shop gone horribly wrong. The levels do nothing but scroll forward, but you won't really mind the limited movement. This is an old-school shooter, after all. You'll also run into a handful of creative boss types, including a memorable run-in with Santa Claus."

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