10° review: Mirrors Edge

Dofuss says: "I don't like what Mirrors Edge does to me. It captures my most obsessive side. The part of me that is determined to take every jump perfectly. My problem is that I don't seem to be good enough at it. I am unable or unwilling to spend the time to commit every minutia of every course to memory to enable me to actually be good at it. Perversely, I don't care. Plowing on, repeating sections, furious at my own ineptitude but enjoying it none the less.

The reasons all of the irritations never detract from the games appeal for me is that is always, unquestionably my fault when some thing goes wrong. Developer Dice's parkour simulator gives you all the tools you need to navigate their aerial play grounds. Once you get the hang of the tools they give you there is only your own imagination to blame for not meeting even the most modest of goals set for you by the game."

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