Neocrisis: Major Home Bug

Neocrisis: The video show a home character walking around without a torso/chest.

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20093794d ago

Sony keeps on messing up

mega BIG time3793d ago

at least it wasnt a female or else id have absolutely no reason to use home. /casm

LoVeRSaMa3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )


Shut down home Quickly!


Its likely to be the XML re writing people are doing with there web servers that ONLY affects how they see home.

Agent VX3793d ago

This is completely bogus on how long "Home" has been in development, and how many bugs that it has. Sony has yet again dropped the ball with this.

This virtual world that Sony has created is completely lifeless, boring and frankly, quite pathetic.

I really think that Sony expected the stupid consumers to pony up $400 with what ever crap they dished out with the PS3, and to shut up and be happy. But as it looks, the consumers aren't that stupid as with the poor sales of the PS3.

Home is looking like a real bust, just another nail in my PS3's coffin!!!

DNAgent3793d ago

It's kind of stupid to put nails in the PS3's coffin when the PS3 isn't in it. If any system is in the coffin, it's the 360 and as we all know the 360 gets put in the coffin A LOT. It must suck for people who only have a 360 as it seems like they will end up paying more for repairs than games.

Agent VX3793d ago

I think you have this confused???

You see, repairs are put into transport to be healed, and thus brought back to life to be used again. 360 analogy

When you have a terminal disease like "Poor Sales" or "Last Place", death is but only a heart beat away. Thus, nails in coffin, 6 feet under. Or that is the spoken words in the business world. PS3 analogy

Don't really understand what your rant is about DNAgent anyways, aren't we talking about how buggy Home has been.

And while we are talking about how poorly "Home" has been designed, it also goes to show how poorly Sony's vision and imagination is also, as it also suffers from being lifeless and boring. Those are 2 things you don't want in a product either. Mix those 2 things in with poorly programed and you have "Home". It is no wonder why Sony has other companies design exclusive titles for the Playstation system, imagination is definitely not their strong suit.

Anybody happy with what "Home" obviously doesn't own a PS3. Sony promised more, and we got a lot less. I couldn't care less if it is free, as when I spend $520 on my PS3 with the promise of "Home" being something else, and getting this junk, I feel ripped off.

whoelse3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

It happened to me this morning, after being unable to log in the day before.

MazzingerZ3793d ago

It happens to me when playing Fallout 3.

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20093794d ago

who cares if you do not have chest/torso lol
at least you wiegh less

20093794d ago

mark another win for the 360 fanboys lol

3793d ago
Raoh3793d ago


is this anything like when my character goes invisible except for this helmet and gun in fallout 3 for the 360?

could be a trend.

El_Colombiano3793d ago

I see what you did there. ;)

But PP above me is just saying LOL because he is so lost.

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The story is too old to be commented.