11 new PS VR2 games: The Dark Pictures: Switchback, Cities VR, Crossfire: Sierra Squad and more

"We’ve showcased just some of the games coming to PS VR2 next year, such as Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village and more. But there’s yet more titles to reveal. Today we’re happy for developers of 11 new PS VR2 titles to share the first information of the experiences that you’ll be able to enjoy after PS VR2 launches on February 22."

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SullysCigar214d ago

Some of these look incredible! I can't wait for the resolution upgrade, cooler and lighter headset, eye tracking implementation in game - the list goes on..

If Switchback is anywhere close to as good as Rush of Blood - and given it's by the same devs, it's probably even better - this alone could be a system seller.

darthv72214d ago

i havent played rush of blood but I hear lots of people say its good. Kind of sucks og games wont work with this new one unless they are remade by the devs. Id love to play more of the og games on this vr as it rectifies many of my woes.

SullysCigar214d ago

It's not so much remade, but they need to take the time to patch it. Pistol Whip is a good example, which I happened to play last night for the first time in a while. SO much fun!

CBaoth213d ago

zero chance Switchback is a system seller. No way an on-rails shooter becomes a tentpole IP for VR. Too niche. Maybe if Sega had chosen to reboot House of the Dead in VR instead of wasting it on the Switch but I doubt anyone wants to spend north of $1100 for ANY light gun game.

Vits214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Sad that I'm more interested in the PS VR 2 features that those games advertise than in the games themselves. That said Tentacular is a solid experience on other platforms, albeit short on content it is pretty fun. And having another "console" Crossfire title this time being a PS exclusive is at the very least funny.

masterfox214d ago

550 plus taxes device and with this kind of games ?, yeah Sony you just shoot yourself in the foot.

SullysCigar214d ago

When did they announce the price?

What's wrong with the games? There are literally AAA games there, first party, third party and smaller games. Looks awesome and varied to me!

MrNinosan214d ago

They announced it 2-3 hours ago.

SullysCigar214d ago

^ thanks guys! So console-level prices, like they warned. That sucks.


jonny897214d ago

They know it is a niche product. Not meant for the masses. In fact PSVR1 was profitable for them with less than 10 million units sold.

Petebloodyonion214d ago

You have to understand that the games shown here are aside from the ones previously announced like Resident Evil 8 VR, Horizon Call of the wild, etc.
It's actually a better launch compared to the original PSVR (Batman VR and Rush of Blood were the better games)
Here we have a good diverse line-up.

MrNinosan214d ago

All those 11 games are just the new games confirmed today. We alreadybhave plenty of games announced since before.

The lineup is way better than expected, but I will most likely be stuck in No Man Sky again.

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Petebloodyonion214d ago

Wow Switchblade is a nice surprise!
Rush of Blood was a real gem on PSVR and the only title that managed to properly convey the feeling of roller coaster.

SullysCigar214d ago

Ikr, same for me. Rush of Blood is insane. There are games literally focused solely on the roller coaster experience, or shooting, or horror that come nowhere close to Rush of Blood in any of those fields.

ooquis214d ago

If we get AAA game support like GT7,GTA 5,RE 2,3,4,7,8, half life Alex and 100% pc support, then I'll fork out the cash. No way I'm playing these tech demos anymore.

SullysCigar214d ago

I'll make the occasional exception, but that's more or less how I feel.

RE8 is confirmed and I'd be amazed if they didn't update RE7 for PSVR2. We already know RE4 Remake has compatibility, too, just waiting to see more on that one.

GT7 HAS to happen! GT Sport was awesome, but way short on features and content. I know Polyphony wanted more at the time, but PS4 was just too weak.

Half Life Alyx is HEAVILY rumoured and I honestly think GTAV is on its way too. It's too huge not to and they already tweaked it so much, it's a natural next step.

ooquis214d ago

After playing RE7 on psvr 1, all the other games didn't come close. You get good indie games like paper beast which I pray and hope gets an update but nothings like a AAA vr experience. Can't wait to play RE8 in VR.

Knushwood Butt214d ago

Does Paper Beast PS4 work on PS5 and PSVR in its current state? I couldn't get it to work.

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