Hand Helds Dominate 2008's Final Fantasy Line-Up

As Square Enix has grown to become more dependant on its successful franchises, more and more Final Fantasy games have come to the fore-front and 2008 was no exception. This year we saw some big releases on the handhelds, as well as some successful remakes.

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Selyah3584d ago

Hopefully 09 will be just as good on the console side "assuming" that XIII or Versus makes the US/EU shores before the end of the year.

mephman3584d ago

Yea, 2009 should be great for the mainstream consoles.

ShawnCollier3584d ago

It'll be interesting to see what other ports/remakes SE had to pad out 2009, since a good chunk of this year was them. :P

Selyah3584d ago

Hopefully they're running out of those... but very true none the less :(

mephman3584d ago

They will never run out, ever! :P