First Impressions: Virtua Tennis 3

Ever since the first Virtua Tennis appeared on the ill-fated Dreamcast, the series has broken the rules of the sports genre - by appealing not only to dedicated followers of Tim Henman's annual crash and burn, but also to a vast audience of people whose first reaction to Wimbledon is to frantically stab the remote control in the hope of finding repeats of Airwolf on UK Gold instead. Given this success, it's in some respects astonishing that Sega has managed to avoid the conventional sports game approach of the annual update, instead launching only two iterations to date - but that, perhaps, reflects the company's understanding of its market. Football fans may buy into annual updates of their favourite games - but if Virtua Tennis' fanbase is made up of people who are not, by conventional definition, tennis fans, then an annual update could actually kill the series. Clever chaps, those SEGA boys.

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rjkc5712d ago

cant wait to play it

DG5712d ago

My only gripe with the last one is the load times and the lack of player customization. Hopefully they fix it.

gogators5712d ago

works well with the 360 version, then I am very much sold. I still hope they support 4 players offline too. We better have some better gear and outfits to choose from this go around. Now Sega, get to work on Daytona for our next generation machines.