'Black' sequel not in development

DigitalSpy writes:

Reports of a sequel to Criterion's point-and-click shooter Black have been falsified, according to VG247.

Earlier this year, both Eurogamer Portugal and Xbox 360 Play Diaries reported that a listing for Black: Second Mission briefly appeared on Criterion's website before being removed.

The sources listed a 2009 release date for the sequel, but now VG247 has reported that the rumours are false.

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cayal3634d ago

point and click shooter?

anyway the first one was pretty good.

Mozilla893634d ago

I'm not sure what a point and click shooter is either. Especially seeing as how it was on consoles.

Danja3634d ago

well atleast we know that Black will get a sequel since the ending of the 1st game literally sets up the game for a sequel....

but Criterion will be making the next NFS game so this could be the reason why we haven't heard ne thing about Black 2...yet

UnSelf3634d ago

sequels i must have before death:

Viewtiful Joe 3
Black 2
Crackdown 2

Radiodread3634d ago

all over steven colbert's theory of black 2's visuals surpassing K2's. IT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST!

QuackPot3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Black was a worthy FPS effort by Criterion and they are bound to improve leaps and bounds with a sequel on the next-gens... and make alot $$ if they copy if not better CoD4. And to apply a sequel to a large open world with planes/vehicles like in Burnout would be awesome.

Although Burnout is their main money maker, Black 2 or a new IP would go over well with us gamers with likely very good sales.

Class outfit, Criterion.

Ju3634d ago

Well, that could be EAs answer to Activision. Black vs. CoD.

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The story is too old to be commented.