Daily Star: Number 1 Game of The Year - Little Big Planet

Daily Star writes:

"The list doesn't take into account sales but reflects the games I have most enjoyed playing during the past 12 months.

You'll no doubt disagree. If so, feel free to vent spleen on the Daily Star Sunday website (personal abuse is always welcome)."

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ConanOBrien3579d ago

Nintendo sails, Microsoft trails, Sony ails.

bgrundman3579d ago

I never had the chance to try out the game but it looks awesome.

Cajun Chicken3579d ago

says Daily Star.

...Sorry, just a bit of an injoke there.

pp3579d ago

Daily Star Hahahahahahaha hahahahaha Pathetic.

mario8883579d ago

Play this game with four friends at the same time and you will see why this game got such high scores.

Queers of War3579d ago

cant happen for him because he doesnt have friends ahahaha. he does however have gay lovers on his xbl buddies list who all enjoy whacking off to marcunts fenix and master queef ahahaha

cliffbo3579d ago

yeah it only sells 20 - 30 million a day, noone will ever read their GOTY

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The story is too old to be commented.