Alan Wake 2 Slated For 2023; Multiple Control Sequels In Development

Alan Wake 2 is still slated for a 2023 release, and the title’s development is proceeding smoothly.

giovonni221d ago

Ahhh yeah!!!! Can’t wait the first one was a joy to play.

Orchard221d ago

Great news. Still can’t believe we’re finally going to get an AW sequel - and more Control is definitely welcome.

giovonni221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Orchard, I really had a hard time getting into control ( I did not down vote you). It just didn’t hook me in with the few hours of play. It felt like a real bad episode of “ The Twilight Zone” that map was also kind of a pain to navigate, and the story, to me made my head spin a little bit

EazyC221d ago

Giovonni, I kinda see where you're coming from but I quite liked it

Orchard220d ago

@Gio I can see where you’re coming from too - and it’s definitely not a game for everyone.

I did find it took a while to really get into it, but once you get a good bit in the upgrade loop and gameplay loop become really addictive (for me at least).

The story is a bit out there though for sure.

Concertoine220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I actually liked feeling lost in a game for once. Most games just hold your hand and put waypoints everywhere. Control was had what many may consider a poor map, but I think it added to the weird atmosphere of the game. Playing that game at 2 AM when I can't sleep was the vibe.

camel_toad220d ago

I really liked Control but the layout and map gave me serious lost-as-hell problems. It really screwed with the pace, for me at least.

coolbeans221d ago

I love when he said that part and then waked all over those guys.

SinisterMister221d ago

What if Alan morbes and says,"It's Morbin' time?"

deleted221d ago

I'm sure there will be some Alan Woke jokes somewhere in this thread considering a sequel being created in today's societal climate, but I'll leave it to you guys to get creative. Have fun. :)

CantThinkOfAUsername220d ago

Alan Wake now identifies as she/her and changed her name to Alanah Woke who's currently a best-selling author of 'How I Overcame My Struggle With Identity and You Can Too!'

Lame jokes aside. The sequel's lead writer is still Sam Lake, so at least we can be sure it'll focus on the universe they're trying to share between Alan Wake and Control instead of making commentary on current American societal problems.

CrimsonWing69221d ago

Please make Alan be able to run for more than 2 seconds before getting winded and having to wait for what felt like forever for him to catch his breath only to be winded again after barely running a meter.

SinisterMister221d ago

Don't worry. This gen's Alan will be woke.

CrimsonWing69220d ago

Well damn, I just wanted him to be able to run a little longer and me not have to spam the dodge attack to try to move faster…

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