'Resident Evil 4': Remaking the Most Influential Horror Game of All Time

Can Capcom capture lightning in a bottle for a second time?

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SinisterMister102d ago

This right here, man... What a game. The new upcoming remake apparently needs to get a LOT of things right to live up to the legendary RE title. Fingers crossed moving forward.

Army_of_Darkness102d ago

Going by the Gameplay trailer and previews, it's looking quite awesome! I also can't help but feel that the developers are trying to make it more dark and scarier than the original, not that it's a problem for me or anything. Just something I notice and am very excited about as well! Can't wait to go face to face with those freaky regenerator creatures!

1Victor102d ago

I guess the article writer had to hyperbole the title RE4 was a excellent game refresh for the franchise but calling it “the most influential horror game of all times” is just plain wrong and subjective at best.
RE4 wasn’t a horror game in the likes of the predecessors it was a mix of horror and shooter with no jump scares like RE dogs hallway or the sence of claustrophobia and dread of the nemesis coming at you from around the corner when you don’t have amo.
Did it influenced 5&6 yes and know how they turn out to be with “zombies” riding motorcycles and cars 🤦🏿

cluclap102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

It wasn't the most influential horror game true, but you cant say it wasn't the one of the most if not THE most influential shooter of all time. Every third person shooter to date still uses its blueprint for movement and camera position, free aiming at specific body parts, QTE's and film-like framing of cinematics.

Eidolon102d ago

Great game, but I felt is was the first sign of them straying from a full survival horror, to more arcade-like style horror, the next 2 games show the transition.

Imalwaysright102d ago

So how do you explain Dead Space wich is in its own right one of the best survival horror games of all time and borrowed heavily from RE4? The problem with the Resident Evil IP wasn't RE4, it were the teams responsible for the IP after Mikami left Capcom. Hell I even remember the team responsible for RE6 saying something along the lines of them wanting to emulate CoD and of course the result was a disaster.

Eidolon102d ago

RE1-3 were more full blown survival horror than RE4. Enemies drop ammo. Scores, collectibles, merchant?
Dead Space took from more from the controls/camera/animation/feel .

Eidolon102d ago

Also, not saying I didn't love it. But It's such a drastic change from RE1-3. I think more acclaimed for it design than its horror elements. I was never scared/anxious like being on my last legs of ammo and health/herbs too long after a save in RE1-3 and seeing a tough enemy or pack of zombies knowing it's the only path to progress.

NapalmSanctuary102d ago

Dead Space isn't survival horror. There were no survival mechanics. No resource limitations. It was a full on action game. it is definitely a horror game also but that doesn't mean it's survival horror.

MehmetAlperTR102d ago

RE4 was not a horror game.. It was simply ACTION game. RE1-2-3 and Veronica was horror.

Nacho_Z102d ago

That's a bold claim. I'd say the first Resi game was more likely the most influential and what followed were tweaks to the formula, different camera etc. Interesting debate though.

I wonder though how much Resi 1 was influenced by Alone in the Dark which came out a few years before it.

1nsomniac102d ago

The original wasn’t even a great game. Don’t get me wrong this remake looks like it gets things right but the original is not even close to the top 10!

1nsomniac102d ago

When I say original I mean original RE4. The original RE is a far more influential and better game than 4.

NapalmSanctuary102d ago

This is a great point. The original RE is an actual survival horror game. There was nothing like it on ps1 at the time. It spawned a genre. RE4 was an action game that came out in a market saturated with action games. Cold Fear, which was extremely similar to re4 in many ways, was actually in development at the same time on the other side of the world and came out just 2 months after re4 was released with better controls.

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